UAE: 10 food items you can still get for Dh5 or less

Thousands of eateries in the country ensure that snacks remain affordable


Nasreen Abdulla

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Published: Thu 15 Sep 2022, 8:07 AM

Last updated: Thu 15 Sep 2022, 2:48 PM

With thousands of eateries across the country, there is no shortage of snacks in the UAE. However, cheap and delicious snacks are always high up on the priority list for most people. From the humble samosa to the iconic shawarma, Khaleej Times has combined a list of items you can buy for just Dh5 or less in the country.

1. Samosas

The fried, triangle-shaped Indian snack comes in different varieties, including chicken, mutton and Punjabi samosas. Ranging from Dh1 to Dh3, they pair well with tea or cool lime juice and almost form a meal in itself.

2. Oman chips sandwich

Unofficially considered one of UAE's national dishes, the Oman chips sandwich combines the country's undying love for Oman chips with cheesy goodness to create a sandwich that is either served in samoon bread or a Kerala porotta. Some cafeterias add hot sauce, sausages and other ingredients to make it even more delicious. Priced between Dh3 and Dh5 at most cafeterias, it is a wholesome snack to munch on.

3. Kheema paratha

A popular breakfast choice among many UAE residents, the kheema paratha has a spicy filling of minced meat cooked with Indian spices and often combined with peas. This sandwich offers an explosion of flavours and is available for prices ranging between Dh3 and Dh5 at cafeterias.

4. Mini cheese pizza

A popular snack, the mini cheese pizza also offers a trip down memory lane for many residents who grew up in the UAE, as it has been a regular at school canteens and other functions. Combining a tangy red sauce with generous servings of cheese, these mini pizzas are priced between Dh1.5 and Dh3 in most bakeries and grocery stores.

5. Shawarma

Arguably one of the UAE's most popular meals/snacks, shawarmas are offered in many variations and at different price points across the country. The sandwich combines juicy, roasted chicken or meat with lettuce and tahini sauce and is served in the Arabic flatbread khubz. Although some places sell the shawarma for up to Dh30, many smaller cafeterias across the UAE sell it for Dh5.

6. French fries

Thought to have originated from Belgium, French fries are a snack that transcends all boundaries and ages. Equally popular among adults and children, a plate of French fries costs Dh5 at most cafeterias.

7. Fatayer

The pies, which are filled with either meat, cheese or spinach, are a popular Arabic dish available all across the country. Costing anywhere between Dh2 to Dh5, it makes for an excellent snack.

8. Vada pav

The vegetarian Indian snack consists of one deep-fried potato patty stuffed inside bread, along with chutneys and other condiments. You can get this yummy dish for just Dh4.

9. Egg puffs

A boiled egg mixed with sauteed onions and other spices is stuffed in puff pastry shells to make this flaky, crispy, delicious snack. Often paired with tea, the egg puffs usually cost between Dh2 and Dh4 at most tea stalls in Dubai.

10. Chicken kebab

Nothing can beat the taste of the juicy chicken kebabs with their grilled goodness and subtle spices. Whether you like to eat them combined with khubz or on their own dipped in condiments, they are a delicious snack. If you head down to a smaller eatery, you can buy one stick of kebab for approximately Dh3.50.


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