UAE: Free webinar to bust myths surrounding Covid jab, antibody testing and immunity

Ras Al Khaimah - Experts and doctors will answer questions related to Covid during the session organised by RAK Hospital.


Saman Haziq

Published: Fri 2 Jul 2021, 11:40 AM

In line with its mission to educate the community and create a more resilient society, RAK Hospital, under its Covid-19 rehabilitation programme is conducting a free webinar on Saturday (July 3) from 11 am to 12 noon.

During the session, experts and doctors would be raising awareness and delving deep into topics such as antibody testing, vaccines and herd immunity while educating attendees and busting several myths surrounding the vaccinations.

Moreover, participants will also get an opportunity to get all their questions answered during a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

“Covid-19 vaccines are safe, effective and save lives, however many of us are still hesitant and unsure about getting the vaccination. Through our upcoming webinar, which is part of our series of educative sessions being organised to support the public, our endeavour is to assist the community and help them make informed decisions”, commented Dr. Raza Siddiqui, Executive Director, RAK Hospital.

“If you are still wondering whether vaccines are safe, whether to take the booster dose or not, is a cocktail vaccine the way forward? Is antibody test required? Whether one is a good indicator of immunity or not, and you are struggling to get answers to many such questions, then you should definitely be part of this session and get all your doubts cleared,” said Prof. Adrian Kennedy, Chief Wellness Officer, Arabian Wellness and Lifestyle Management.

Talking about the event, Dr Sweta Adatia, medical director and specialist neurologist at RAK Hospital, said, “Even though health authorities and governments across the world are trying their best to keep people up to date with the developments concerning the virus, people are still looking for answers for numerous questions related to the vaccine, immunity and antibodies etc. More so because the virus is constantly mutating, newer variants are emerging, new research reports are published regularly which in turn makes it difficult for people to keep track of things. Our objective is to help people understand the changing dynamics and become a relevant and credible source of information”.

Questions such as, Is Covid vaccine safe for people with chronic disease like high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease? Can pregnant or breastfeeding women take the vaccine? Is it safe to switch to another vaccine after the first dose? How long does the protection from vaccine lasts? Who should avoid taking the vaccination? Can asthmatic or people with chronic conditions take the vaccine? Why do people get infected even after taking both the vaccine doses? People say getting fever or some other symptoms are good sign of a successful vaccination. I didn’t get any symptoms, is it ok? I suffered from Covid last month, can I take the vaccine, and when?, Does the current vaccine protect me from all variants of Covid? These and many such queries will be tackled as part of the forum.

Speakers at the webinar include Dr. Hafiz Ahmad, assistant professor, RAK Medical and Health Sciences University and head molecular Division, RAK Hospital; Dr. Sweta Adatia, medical director and specialist neurologist, RAK Hospital; Prof Adrian Kennedy, chief wellness officer, Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management and Dr Harkirat S Wilkhoo, specialist lifestyle medicine, Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management.

To find answers and get educated on the subject, people can log onto to register for the session.

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