UAE: Faced with water supply disruption, Sharjah residents rely on supermarkets, eateries

Many reported that their tap water was back by Friday morning

File photo used for illustrative purposes
File photo used for illustrative purposes

SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Fri 25 Nov 2022, 2:20 PM

Last updated: Fri 25 Nov 2022, 2:53 PM

Residents in some areas of Sharjah have had to look for quick fixes as they faced a disruption in their water supply. Many, however, reported that the issue was resolved on Friday morning.

A number of residents found no water in their taps upon returning home on Wednesday evening.

“As I returned from work, I have a habit of freshening up. But there was no water,” said Ateeq Ahmed, who works at an automobile firm on Ittihad road in Dubai.

The resident of Majaz 1 waited for the supply to return, but after a few hours, he decided to ask their building's security personnel about what was happening.

“I thought it was due to maintenance work in the building...When I learnt that the neighbouring building is also facing the same issue, we reported the matter to the Sharjah Municipality," Ahmed said.

The disruption prompted affected Sharjah residents to buy as many water jugs as they could from neighbourhood supermarkets.

Eddie, a resident of Rolla, called up his bottled water supplier and requested 10 big jugs.

“I returned late from my office, and it was difficult for me to freshen up. I managed to use the leftover water from the 4-gallon jug to freshen up,” he said.

He was expecting the water supply to return the next morning, “but when I checked, the taps were still running dry". At around 11.30am on Friday, Eddie said their tap water was back.

Some eateries put dine-in service on hold

Some residents in Al Nahda and Majaz 1 had to use the toilets of nearby eateries as they waited for their water supply.

Mujeebur Rahman, who works as a nurse at a hospital in Dubai, said: “This is the first time I had to wait in queue at that food joint, and that, too, for the toilet."

However, a number of eateries had to discontinue their dine-in services for a few hours.

Other residents thought they would miss the Friday prayers because of the issue.


“We were planning to have a dip or take a shower near Mamzar as the disruption continued in the morning,” said Sarmad Sharif, who was on his way to the beach with his children.

“It was at 10.30am when I received a call from my daughter that the supply had been resumed. We had a bath and are here for prayers,” said the Pakistani expat resident of Majaz 1.

Water gallons sold out

During the disruption, a number of supermarkets reported that they had run out of water gallons.

A delivery boy from Right Way Supermarket in Majaz said: “We do not have water cans as it was all sold due to heavy demand yesterday. But we can provide a 1.5-litre bottle.”

Salman bin Aouf grocery near King Faisal Street in Sharjah also saw a spike in demand. “We had to order nearly 50-70 extra water cans as the demand was high in the neighbouring areas,” said the cashier at the store.


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