UAE doctors' reminders on how to stay safe at mosques, places of worship


UAE doctors, reminders, stay safe, mosques, places of worship

Dubai - Health experts reiterate that if precautions are ignored, the UAE's efforts to fight Covid-19 may go to waste.

By Saman Haziq

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Published: Tue 30 Jun 2020, 8:00 PM

Last updated: Wed 1 Jul 2020, 11:53 AM

Doctors have urged the public to be extra-cautious as they head for places of worship tomorrow, July 1.
While mosques, churches and temples offer people the peace that they need amid trying times, health experts reiterate that if precautions are ignored, the UAE's efforts to fight Covid-19 may go to waste.
Dr Aamrah Shah, primary care consultant at the American Hospital Dubai, said: "The UAE authorities have put in place a set of guidelines for the safety of worshippers, so abiding by these rules should be top priority. Most of the guidelines stress on maintaining physical distance from the other person. This is because Covid-19 is transmitted when a person comes in close contact (within about six feet) with an ill or asymptomatic individual."
Wearing masks and social distancing can effectively limit the spread of respiratory droplets, which are released into the air when a person coughs, sneezes or talks.  Covid-19 is primarily transmitted through these droplets.
"Therefore, physical distancing can save lives, so it is crucial to abide by these rules for your own safety and that of others," Dr Shah said.
Dr Junaidullah Phulpoto, general practitioner at Right Health Clinic at Al Quoz Mall, reminded people that they must "behave responsibly" in response to this 'big move' taken by the government.
"I understand that the move recognises the spiritual and mental health benefits of being able to pray in places of worship, and for some people, this cannot be replicated by praying at home," said Dr Phulpoto.
"But personal responsibility is crucial to the success of this bold step. I urge all to behave responsibly and do their bit by abiding by all the safety guidelines."
Apart from wearing masks and gloves and social distancing, the doctor also urged people to avoid handshakes or touching surfaces and doorknobs.
"Stopping by these places only to socialise or exchange pleasantries must be avoided as any kind of gatherings is discouraged. Also, I would advise people to carry a small bottle of sanitiser and frequently sanitise their hands," said Dr Phulpoto. 

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