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UAE Covid-19: Free kidney health consultations for dialysis patients

Al Ain - New dialysis centre in Al Ain offers sheltered medical environment for renal patients.

By Saman Haziq

Published: Tue 30 Mar 2021, 4:17 PM

A new centre is offering free consultations and sheltered medical care to Abu Dhabi dialysis patients who are at high mortality risk if they contract Covid-19.

“We are welcoming renal care and dialysis patients from Abu Dhabi with a free kidney health consultation – an exclusive offer for residents from the Capital,” said Pyramids Dialysis Center, a new stand-alone specialist, in a statement to Khaleej Times.

“With higher mortality rates in the last year due to exacerbating complications, dialysis and renal care patients continue to live with an increased risk of severe illness exposure. For dialysis patients, heeding the call to ‘stay home, stay healthy’ and limit visits to hospitals is unmanageable, therefore this new centre is dedicated exclusively to dialysis treatments and comprehensive renal care and, as such, provides a more sheltered medical environment for renal patients, offering access to dialysis services outside the premises of the hospital,” it added.

The UAE has roughly 3,000 end-stage renal disease patients, who require around two weekly visits to a hospital for dialysis, which provides an artificial replacement for lost kidney function. Since patients with kidney disease, typically have weaker immune systems, they are at an even higher risk when visiting hospitals admitting other patients with potentially infectious complications, including Covid-19. A stand-alone dialysis centre can greatly reduce the risk for such vulnerable patients.

“The centre is offering additional personal space with a more extensive treatment area and curtained-off dialysis units. For guests who prefer a bit more discretion, the centre’s two VIP rooms offer complete privacy. PDC also leverages the service’s stand-alone nature to limit waiting times – certain relief for guests with pre-treatment discomfort.

Far from the hyper-efficient, cost-conscious schedules of general hospitals, PDC’s more relaxed, dedicated setup allows for appointment timings to be flexible to guests’ schedules. In addition to this convenience, guests may also avail of the center’s exclusive pick-up-and-return service.

Speaking on behalf of the centre, Dr. Ahmed Hussein, Managing Director - Hayat Health, the centre’s mother company, said: “PDC’s objective is to deliver quality, affordability, and value by employing the most experienced specialists and establishing our world-recognized facility as the most significant, admired, and fastest-growing renal care provider in the Middle East and Africa.”

Additionally, PDC’s renal-care approach gives patients access to comprehensive support services such as renal physiotherapy, expert dietary advice and psychological support without having to shift to another wing of a building or clinic across town.”

The centre also has a vigorous community services programme to create awareness and promote health education and screening in the community, focusing on the elderly and underprivileged. Along with its Group of volunteers, PDC is also organising programmes in schools, nursing homes, government offices, community centres, and religious centres with general awareness and patient education programme, free screening, free diet counselling, and other social engagement activities on healthy living, he added.

Alamy photo used for illustrative purpose
Alamy photo used for illustrative purpose

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