UAE: Countries need laws to enhance values of coexistence and tolerance, say experts

They also urged nations to establish a ‎legislative framework to protect these values


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Published: Sun 13 Mar 2022, 2:09 PM

Experts have stressed the importance of creating a legal social, cultural, and ‎economic environment that enhances the values of coexistence and ‎tolerance between individuals and societies, at both national and ‎international levels.

At a law conference which was held at the UAE University, in cooperation with the ‎United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, local and international experts said nations should also establish the ‎legislative framework in protecting values of coexistence and ‎tolerance in a manner that ensures effective adoption of these ‎values. ‎

The conference on “Law for a ‎better world to enhance values of coexistence” highlighted the need to direct qualified scholars to respond to the suspicions and abnormal opinions and thoughts held by ‎extremist groups.

The experts said it was necessary ‎that the legal religious opinion be restricted to the qualified ‎scholars to prevent deviation from the purposes of Sharia and ‎its noble values in preserving lives, funds and honours.

Dr Jenan Al Bastaki, Assistant Dean for Research and ‎Graduate Studies at UAE University, stressed the ‎responsibility of influential authorities and personalities and ‎the media of all kinds to spread the correct awareness of ‎peaceful coexistence and encourage community entities to ‎highlight and promote the concepts of tolerance, peaceful ‎coexistence and cooperation. ‎

She explained that spreading an atmosphere of ‎scientific and intellectual tolerance, and acceptance of the other ‎is the effective weapon in eliminating the phenomenon of ‎extremism, fanaticism, and violence that has threatened the ‎entire world.

According to the experts, humanity must transfer from difference, which ‎requires violence and exclusion, to tolerance that promotes ‎acquaintance and recognition.

The conference also urged ‎universities and other educational institutions to develop ‎graduate programmes for values of coexistence and tolerance. ‎


The participants recommended the need to work on the ‎proactive integration of tolerance in the design of modern ‎technology, such as artificial intelligence applications, in the ‎contemporary knowledge society, which is characterised by ‎digitalisation and at a time when the role of machines is ‎increasingly emerging to perform tasks that require simulation ‎of the functions of the human brain. ‎

They also emphasised the importance of the role ‎of law in regulating Artificial Intelligence applications in order ‎to ensure neutrality and balance between the interests of ‎individuals and economic institutions within the scope of the ‎knowledge economy.

They also promoted values of ‎coexistence and tolerance that are universal human values that ‎must be activated within the framework of protecting refugees ‎and other groups at risk in all circumstances and conditions ‎and in all places without discrimination.

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