UAE citizens, residents unite under the flag today

UAE citizens, residents unite under the flag today
UAE Flags on display on the streets of Abu Dhabi as part of UAE Flag Day celebrations. - KT photo By Ryan Lim

Dubai - Residents and citizens alike are celebrating the UAE Flag Day with pomp and gusto

By Sarwat Nasir

Published: Thu 2 Nov 2017, 8:09 PM

Massive UAE flags are hanging from villas and buildings, miniature flags are on sale and the streets are lit up in the country's national colours - that's right, UAE Flag Day is here.
This is a national occasion, where the country celebrates patriotism, unity and the values inspired by the UAE's founding fathers. In the previous years, it was held on November 3, but this year it's on November 2.
Residents are not going to sit back - they're planning on joining in on the celebrations and festivities in full force. Eight-year-old Indian student Kashinadh Pranesh is heading to Dubai Festival City and the World Trade Centre with his parents for any fireworks and traditional Emirati dance acts that might take place. "We are also planning to visit Al Shaab Village on November 3 to participate in the recreational activities," he said.
However, that's not all Pranesh is doing for UAE Flag Day, he also wants to send an important message this year. "As a UAE resident, I love this country like my motherland, so I thought I should do something in accordance with UAE Flag day. I collected the caps from plastic bottles and painted it with the UAE flag colours. In the Year of Giving 2017, I'd like to gift this flag to my school. I am going to celebrate Flag Day att my school with my teachers and friends.
"I made this flag to share the importance of Flag Day with my classmates and show how we can reuse plastic and protect our environment."
Laveen Nankani, an Indian expat in Abu Dhabi, will be watching the fireworks with her family at the corniche, as well celebrating the day with a cake. The 24-year-old was born and raised in the UAE, so she feels that Flag Day is an important occasion to celebrate. "I think it is a great way to commemorate the sacrifice made by the forefathers and their constant and continuing dedication to a better future for the UAE," she said.
Egyptian expat Maryam Mohamed, based in Sharjah, said she and her husband will be heading to the Dubai fountains to see if the Burj Khalifa will display the UAE flag colours. "The Burj Khalifa is always the most exciting for me. You can spot it from so far away, but we always prefer getting up close to it and when it changes images and colours, it always amazes me," she said.
Also in Dubai, more than 100 school children are expected to join in on UAE Flag Day celebrations at the Pakistan Association of Dubai (Pad).
Today (November 2), PAD will have play UAE national songs and their entire auditorium will be painted in the flag colours. "As an expatriate community, we have the responsibility of standing shoulder to shoulder with our local brethren. The UAE is our second home" Pad president Dr Faisel Ikram said.

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