UAE centre warns against random Islamic fatwa searches online

Dubai - The Sawab Centre warned that it made people vulnerable to terror groups’ propaganda.

AFP file photo used for illustrative purpose.
AFP file photo used for illustrative purpose.

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Published: Sat 6 Mar 2021, 11:44 AM

Last updated: Sat 6 Mar 2021, 11:48 AM

Random online searches for religious fatwas might make people vulnerable to false and distorted information, warned the Sawab Centre.

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The centre, an Emirati-American joint initiative that counters Daesh and other terror groups’ online propaganda, cited the many links on the Internet and social media that contain false information.

Combatting terrorism isn’t limited to only weapons, Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm quoted Sawab Centre as saying. Rather, it includes raising the religious and national community’s awareness, working towards self-improvement, and serving society and the country.

They warned through a series of tweets that such information was often used by extremists to collect money and lure vulnerable youth into committing atrocities against innocent people. The centre emphasised the importance of protecting the youth from extremism, lies and calls to violence on the Internet, saying that these were often organised by fanatics aiming to undermine the spirit of tolerance and respect for diversity.

Daesh and other terrorist groups often take advantage of vulnerable people’s ignorance about religion and "lack of common sense", creating justifications that push such people into committing suicide and killing others, they said.

The centre also highlighted the various strategies extremists use to target women. They are incited to take arms and leave their husbands if they do not get their support to do so. They often publish these messages in "women’s magazines".

Extremists always apply their "twisted religious doctrines" in a way that paints them as guardians of faith, when in reality they are but "an opportunistic group of thieves and mercenaries", said the centre.

The Sawab Centre pointed to the destruction Daesh left behind against families and societies, and its devastation of antiquities and ruins of ancient human civilisation.

The Sawab Centre was launched in July 2015.

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