UAE backs India as space power after Chandrayaan-2 mission

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Dubai - India lost contact with its moon lander Vikram while descending on early September 7.

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Published: Sun 8 Sep 2019, 7:22 PM

Dr Mohammed Al Ahbabi, the Director General of the UAE Space Agency has reacted to India's unsuccessful attempt to land the Vikram lander on the moon.

Al Ahbabi said that the loss of contact with the Indian spacecraft, Chandrayaan-2, which was planned to land on the moon, is not the end of the success. It is a new space experiment proving that India is a great space power, all the support from the UAE Space Agency and the UAE.
He made the statement on his official Twitter account.
The UAE Space Agency has also assured their full support to the Indian Space Research Organisation following the loss of contact with their spacecraft, Chandrayaan-2 which had to land on the moon.
India proved to be a strategic player in the space sector and a partner in its development & achievements, the agency said in a statement on its Twitter account.
Hours after India lost contact with its moon lander Vikram while descending on early September 7, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi cheered hundreds of Indian space scientists and engineers for their hard work and told them not to lose heart over the setback in the ambitious Chandrayaan-2 mission.
"India is with you! You are exceptional professionals who have made an incredible contribution to national progress. We are proud of our scientists who gave their best to make our country proud," said Modi in English and Hindi, while addressing the nation from the lunar mission control centre of the state-run Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in this tech hub.
Earlier, ISRO Chairman K. Sivan announced that the 1,471kg Vikram descent was as planned and normal performance was observed up to an altitude of 2.1km from the moon's surface.
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