UAE authority clarifies Sharia ruling on celebrating Hag Al Leila

The celebration marks the middle of the month Sha'ban and sees children go through their neighbourhoods, singing and getting sweets

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Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Mon 6 Mar 2023, 3:51 PM

The UAE Fatwa Council has issued a statement clarifying the Sharia ruling on celebrating the eve of mid-Sha’ban (the eve of 15th day of Sha'ban or the night following the sunset on the 14th day of Sha’ban) on the Islamic calendar.

The month of Sha'ban precedes Ramadan in the Islamic Hijri calendar. The celebration of mid-Sha'ban is known as Hag Al Leila in the UAE. Children go through their neighbourhoods singing special songs, and are given goodie bags filled with treats from their neighbours.

Taking to Twitter, the council said the eve of mid-Sha’ban is considered one of the virtuous nights in which the almighty Allah bestows His pardon and forgiveness on His servants, and that there is nothing wrong, according to the Islamic Sharia, with children celebrating this night and going out in the usual societal way.

“Likewise, there is nothing wrong with giving children gifts - such as sweets and other things - to make them happy, as long as this is an inherited custom that is not prohibited in the true Sharia, and the origin of custom is permissible,” said the council.

Although Mid-Sha'ban is celebrated in some Muslim countries, there has been arguments on whether it is permissible by the Islamic Sharia or not.


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