UAE announces ban on unlicensed digital platforms teaching holy Quran

The Islamic Affairs body highlighted the potential risks associated with teaching the holy book through unqualified educators


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Published: Sun 2 Jun 2024, 11:58 AM

Last updated: Sun 2 Jun 2024, 10:26 PM

The UAE has banned unlicensed digital platforms from teaching the holy Quran. In the Emirates, it is prohibited to establish or manage any centre or teach the Quran unless they obtain the necessary licence from the authorities.

The General Authority for Islamic Affairs, Endowments, and Zakat issued an advisory to UAE citizens and residents on Sunday (June 2), highlighting the dangers posed by unlicensed digital platforms that offer Quran-teaching services.

The Islamic Affairs body said that it is important to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of religious education to protect the younger generation.

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Many individuals offering Quran teaching services through digital platforms are unqualified and lack religious education credentials. This can lead to incorrect teaching, misinterpretation of the holy book, and potentially misunderstandings about Islamic teachings and principles.

The authority has monitored many unlicensed people taking classes, luring people with promotional advertisements and urged parents to be cautious.

They are urged to report any suspicious or unlicensed teaching activities to the relevant authorities to help curb the spread of unqualified religious education providers.

Engaging with unlicensed religious educators not only puts them at risk of severe legal penalties but also exposes parents to the same. State laws strictly prohibit unlicensed religious education activities, and the consequences are not to be taken lightly.


As per the UAE law, anyone who teaches Quran without obtaining a licence or permit shall be punished by imprisonment for a period of not less than two months and a fine not exceeding Dh50,000, or by one of these two penalties.

The imposition of the penalties stipulated in the law shall be without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated in any other law.

Who can teach?

Individual licensed to teach shall fulfil the following conditions:

  • They shall not be less than (21) years old
  • They shall be of good conduct
  • They shall not have previously been sentenced to a freedom-restricting penalty for a felony or misdemeanour that violates honour or trust, unless they have been rehabilitated
  • The health fitness thereof for the work to be performed thereby shall be proven
  • Applicants to manage a centre shall have necessary practical experience; while, the appropriate qualifications shall be available to those who wish to teach or manage
  • They shall pass the test and personal interview
  • They shall obtain the approval of the competent authorities to work in case of not being sponsored by the centre in which they shall work.

In order to establish a centre or any branch for the purpose of teaching Quran, the following conditions shall be met:

  • Obtaining a licence in accordance with the law
  • The building shall fulfil the following requirements:
  1. Fulfilling the technical and health requirements specified by the executive regulations of this law
  2. Establishing fully separated gender classrooms
  3. Providing halls and arenas for practising the activities specified by the executive regulations of this law
  4. Fulfilling the necessary equipment to carry out the licensed activity, as specified by the executive regulations of this law.


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