UAE and space, a dream turned into reality: Al Ahbabi

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Abu Dhabi - In an online lecture, Director General of the UAE Space Agency says UAE's investment in space exploration is a source of inspiration.

By Wam

Published: Thu 16 Jul 2020, 11:06 PM

Last updated: Fri 17 Jul 2020, 1:24 AM

The Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR) organised a lecture on Thursday evening entitled 'From Dream to Reality: An Overview of the UAE Space Sector'.
The lecture was delivered by Dr. Eng. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, Director General of the UAE Space Agency.
The ECSSR broadcast the lecture on its Twitter page, which attracted many interested viewers.
Dr Al Ahbabi began by discussing the UAE's motivations for investing in space exploration, which has seen it develop the largest space industry in the Middle East. He explored the social, economic, strategic and scientific importance of the sector, which he said was a source of inspiration, a platform for creativity and a model of cooperation.

The lecturer then offered some background on the UAE's space programme, which through tireless efforts, has reached the historic stage of the Hope Probe launch to Mars. He discussed the nine components of the sector, the most prominent being the Emirates Mars Mission, the UAE Astronaut Programme and the UAE Space Agency.
Summarising the UAE Space Agency's main objectives, Dr. Al Ahbabi explained that it regulates the space sector, develops human resources, promotes scientific research and is carrying out the Mars Mission.
In emphasising the importance of international space partnerships and cooperation, Dr. Al Ahbabi said the UAE has signed more than 30 international agreements and memoranda of understanding.
He also stressed the vital importance of Arab space cooperation, which was initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, with the launch of the Arab Space Cooperation Group last year in Abu Dhabi. The Group brings together a variety of space and scientific institutions and entities from the Arab world.
He also spoke about the UAE Astronaut Programme and its development, beginning with the selection of astronauts and leading up to the International Space Station mission, which launched on September 25, 2019.

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