UAE: Abu Dhabi Police, Ma'an launch programme to help reintegrate juveniles into society

The initiative aims to rehabilitate and educate them, equipping young people with an array of transferable skills


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Published: Wed 17 May 2023, 4:18 PM

The Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, today signed an agreement with Abu Dhabi Police, to launch a partnership programme aimed at establishing more consistent lifestyles for juveniles and driving their reintegration into society.

Ma’an’s overarching goal is to create a collaborative and cohesive community through initiatives that provide innovative and sustainable solutions to social priorities in Abu Dhabi, which involves having partners from the private and public sector support a thriving Third Sector. Set to deliver a positive impact for juveniles and facilitate an exploratory journey that encourages new interests, the latest initiative will create intervention in the system and have a long-lasting effect on participants.

This program will be delivered under Ma’an’s social contracting scheme, an innovative and internationally recognised financial tool that supports high-impact social programs. Implemented by MAKE, the initiative includes a number of educational and creative how-to courses teaching technical skills, and various handicrafts.


Mohamed Al Mashgouni, Acting Social Incubation and Contracting Executive Director, Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, said: “The Authority of Social Contributions - Ma’an is collaborating with its strategic partners to foster a culture of social contracting.

This will help assess the achievements and objectives of the projects implemented, as well as establish clear methodologies for measuring their impact. By doing so, we can move beyond [a] short-term, achievement-based approach and embrace a more sustainable, long-term vision for achieving social innovation.

This approach will enable us to identify unconventional yet efficient, flexible, and effective solutions to address various challenges. Partnerships are at the heart of Ma’an to enable genuine social impact. We’re thrilled to partner with Abu Dhabi Police to launch the programme with MAKE.

The rehabilitation and education of juveniles is so important to not only reduce re-offending, but also increase the impact on society by reintegrating young people with an array of transferable skills.

Brigadier Ahmed Masoud Al Mazrouei, Director of the Police Follow-Up Department at the Community Security Sector, emphasised the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to collaborating with strategic partners on a variety of projects and initiatives aimed at supporting youth development. “Our goal is to prepare young people to take responsibility for the future of the UAE, enhance security, and exchange expertise and shared experiences", he said.

He also highlighted his department’s commitment to strengthening crime prevention methods through awareness campaigns, educational programmes, and concerted efforts to activate the foundations of security and social awareness.

“By doing so, we aim to have a positive impact on youth and children, reintegrating them effectively into society and providing them with continuous support and upgraded services that meet their evolving needs. We prioritise the humanitarian aspect of our work, ensuring that we adhere to the highest international standards to enhance the success of juvenile rehabilitation,” he added.

Lastly, he emphasised the success of the "Hand in Hand" project through collaboration with strategic partners. “This initiative focuses on developing the skills and talents of juveniles and minors by partnering with community institutions and government agencies. We also extend a helping hand to juveniles after their rehabilitation, guiding them to find employment opportunities that match their qualifications and skills.


Web Desk

Published: Wed 17 May 2023, 4:18 PM

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