UAE: 7 conditions under which doctors can continue to work after the age of 60

Specialists may have their contracts renewed if there is a lack of professionals in the field

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Representative Photo

Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Wed 29 Jun 2022, 4:37 PM

Health authorities in the UAE have set seven conditions for renewing work contracts for doctors who have exceeded the age of 60, a top medical official told the Federal National Council (FNC).

During the FNC meeting on Wednesday, Dr. Youssef Mohammed Al Serkal, director general of the Emirates Health Services Corporation, said, “The corporation set 7 main conditions for renewing contracts for doctors who are over the age of 60, in light of what is permitted so that the extension does not take place unless there is a need for a doctor."

Al Serkal was responding to a question from an FNC member about the criteria for extending work contracts for aged doctors.

The retirement age for expatriate residents in the UAE is 60, according to the UAE government’s official website. Expatriates who are older than 60 are however allowed to work up to the age of 65 after obtaining an approval from MOHRE.

The official noted that the conditions set for extending work for doctors above 60 include a lack of doctors who specialise in anesthesia, intensive care, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, accidents and emergencies.

Another condition is the absence of an appropriate alternative for the doctor in the event of his or her retirement.

The productivity and performance of the doctor during his previous work period, is taken into consideration, as well as the patients' safety and security, which is a major goal in any medical facility, according to the official.

“Therefore a doctor cannot be dispensed after he exceeds the age of 60 and there are patients in the facility who need the specialisation of that doctor,” Al Serkal explained.

He noted that the doctor must be in good health and physically fit, which is one of the most important criteria required to extend doctors' service after they reach the age of 60, to ensure that they are able to work in the best way.

Dr. Al Serkal explained that this comes within the specific conditions for extending the service of any member of the health staff after the age of 60.

He added that extending the doctor’s service does not depend only on the will of the health facility, but also on the will of the doctor, as sometimes they might have the desire to retire or are unwilling to extend their service with the health facility.


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