UAE: 64-year-old woman walks again after losing part of foot

From regaining mobility with the assistance of a walker to attaining balance in electrolyte levels, her overall well-being improved significantly


Ashwani Kumar

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Photos: Supplied
Photos: Supplied

Published: Wed 26 Jun 2024, 4:09 PM

Last updated: Wed 26 Jun 2024, 9:25 PM

A 64-year-old elderly amputee from Abu Dhabi has successfully battled multiple health challenges to walk again.

Fatema Conistan Yathno Majdi Lan struggled with chronic kidney disease, diabetes, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Her medical conditions led to the amputation of part of her foot.

Affected physically and mentally, she underwent a remarkable transformation toward wellness and empowerment at Amana Healthcare – a leading provider of specialised long-term care and rehabilitation.

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After admission, she was guided by consultant nephrologist Dr Sagar Jujjavarapu and the dedicated dialysis team. She began dialysis sessions three times a week. Despite initial concerns, she embraced her treatment, recognising its crucial role in her recovery.

With each passing day, she not only adjusted to her medical routine but also developed a deep bond with the medical team. Soon, there were notable achievements. From regaining mobility with the assistance of a walker to attaining balance in electrolyte levels, there was a significant improvement in her overall well-being.

Fatema’s son Mayed Al Sakhawi said: “My mother’s health took a severe turn when she underwent a procedure to amputate part of her foot, impacting not only her physical but also her mental well-being. The medical team offered excellent healthcare services, as well as tools, support, and equipment for both during and after the treatment or rehabilitation period. We are forever grateful to the entire team.”

Fatema’s caregivers lauded how she gained confidence in her abilities, with her positive attitude, and her son’s support.

“Fatema's journey exemplifies the profound impact of tailored care and unwavering support. Her resilience, coupled with the dedication of our caregivers, propelled her towards remarkable progress, showcasing the transformative power of personalised care and compassionate assistance,” said Dr Jason Gray, CEO of Amana Healthcare.


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