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UAE: 3 gang members arrested for scamming car buyers

Sharjah - Public urged the public to avoid dealing with unidentified people who request for personal details via social media platforms.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Wed 17 Mar 2021, 6:58 PM

Sharjah Police have arrested three members of a criminal gang, headed by a person residing outside the UAE, who were defrauding unsuspecting people of their money by putting out classified advertisements on cars for sale.


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The modus operandi was simple. When a prospective car buyer showed interest to buy a vehicle, the three gang members in the UAE met the person and decamped with his cash.

Colonel Omar Abu Al Zoud, Director of CID, Sharjah Police, said two complaints were received and an investigation later revealed that similar methods were adopted to defraud the victims in both the cases.

He said the CID received a report about a theft from a prospective buyer’s vehicle in Sharjah, during which the criminals snatched the money and fled the spot.

Colonel Al Zoud said the investigation led to the accused and all three perpetrators were arrested.

The trio owned up to the crime and a case has been filed at the Buhaira Comprehensive Police Station. The first accused, identified as M A S, together with the kingpin operating from abroad, and the other two gang members were involved in both the crimes. The case has been referred to the Sharjah Public Prosecution.

Colonel Al Zoud said it was a new criminal method to defraud innocent people. He urged the public to avoid dealing with unidentified people as well as those who use international phone numbers to communicate on social networking sites and request for personal data and information, especially for buying and selling operations.

Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied

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