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Supplied photo

Trekker falls off UAE mountain, rescued

Ras Al Khaimah - Local mountaineers came to his aid before the paramedics arrived.


A Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 25 Jan 2021, 3:10 PM

Last updated: Mon 25 Jan 2021, 3:13 PM

An Asian trekker in his 30s had been rescued in Ras Al Khaimah after falling off a mountain in Daya Valley, the police said on Monday.

Group Commander Saeed Al Yamahi, head of the Air Wing Section of the RAK Police, said the man was airlifted to Saqr hospital after suffering injuries from his trek.

Local mountaineers had been a big help in the rescue mission, Al Yamahi said. “They had provided some medical help to the injured trekker and comforted him before the paramedics and rescue teams reached the site.”

The incident was the latest in a string of trekking accidents that saw a spike since the winter and adventure season started in the UAE. A couple of weeks ago, a 50-year-old Emirati slipped and fell off a cliff. There was also an instance where an exhausted trekker fainted on a mountain, and another incident where a man broke his leg.

Al Yamahi reiterated that trekkers need to be extra cautious in the mountains. “They have to be careful while walking or trekking close to the edges of any mountain or cliff.”

Mountain climbers are also advised to avoid rough mountainous areas which are hard to reach. “It’s best to go trekking in nearby areas that are close to public roads.”


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