UAE: 5 rules to follow when merging onto main roads; police issue advisory

Authority urges motorists to abide by the rules to ensure safety and to prevent accidents

File photo
File photo

By Web Desk

Published: Wed 4 Jan 2023, 11:50 AM

Abu Dhabi Police has shared five rules that motorists must follow to avoid accidents when merging from a minor road to a major one.

The five rules are as follows:

1. Slow down when approaching a junction

2. Use directional indicator lights

3. Give way to vehicles on the main road

4. Make sure the road is free of vehicles before you merge

5. If there is a vehicle stopped in front of you, stop behind it first. Only once it has moved and the way is clear, go ahead with merging onto the main road

The authority often shares helpful videos and tips to raise awareness about rules to follow to ensure safety on the road.


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