UAE: 5 of the most shocking traffic violations, accidents caught on camera; fines, penalties explained

Video clips from authority showcase the dangers that can occur due to negligence by drivers

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Published: Sat 6 May 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Sat 6 May 2023, 11:28 PM

The UAE police and transport authorities have been consistent in their efforts to promote road safety by issuing frequent reminders to motorists and residents about the importance of adhering to traffic rules and abiding by the speed limits.

These warnings aim to reduce the number of accidents caused by reckless driving and ensure that everyone who uses the roads remains safe. Drivers need to understand that traffic laws are in place to safeguard their well-being, and it is their responsibility to comply with them.

Abu Dhabi Police frequently releases videos capturing alarming incidents of traffic accidents and violations, showcasing drivers who disregard traffic regulations. Here are five of the most recent shocking incidents:

1. Tailgater hits car

On May 6 (2023), the police released a new shocking video of an accident caused due to tailgating. In the clip, a car is seen driving too closely behind another car. Half of the tailgater's vehicle can already be seen on the hard shoulder of the road.

In a split second, the dark car hit the other vehicle — dragging it sideways across the four-lane highway. The car that was bumped ended up slamming into the road barrier, and the impact appeared so serious that smoke and dust billowed out, covering part of a lane.

Tailgating penalty:

Wrong overtaking is punishable by a fine of Dh600 and 6 black points.

Tailgating is also a serious traffic offence punishable by a Dh400 fine and 4 black points. In cases where a violation resulted in an accident that endangered people's lives, higher penalties apply.

2. Sudden lane change

The Abu Dhabi Police in April 2023, released a video on their social media platforms highlighting the dangers of sudden lane change by motorists. The video showed the 4WD cuts across four lanes on Abu Dhabi highway and collides with truck and overturns after hitting a roadside barrier.

The authority reminded motorists not change lanes in a reckless manner that puts the driver and others at risk. Police called on drivers use indicators when they change lanes, avoid sudden deviation, and make sure to use the correct lane when moving to another road.


The fine for sudden change of lanes without using indicators is Dh400. Authorities in Abu Dhabi have activated radars to detect lane changes or sudden changes on various roads, especially on traffic signals.

3. Pedestrians getting hit by cars

A video demonstrating the dangers of crossing the road from non-designated areas was release on March 2023. The video shows a man hurriedly walking across a busy road, at a roundabout. Just as he is about to reach the other side, after crossing two lanes of the three-track road, a vehicle hits him.

In another instance in the clip, two men are seen jaywalking on a busy road before they are hit by a pick-up truck.

Jaywalking penalties:

In the past, residents have been urged to avoid jaywalking and not to cross the road at undesignated spots. They have been advised to use footbridges and zebra crossings for their own safety.

Jaywalking invites a fine of Dh400 as it poses danger to both the pedestrian as well road users.

4. Speeding through traffic lights

A reckless driver caused multiple-car collision as he tried to jump traffic lights in the capital. The video release in February 2023 showed the car speeding up, instead of slowing down, as the traffic lights turn to yellow. As the vehicle races ahead, the driver can be seen squeezing, almost impossibly, between two cars that are slowing down for the lights.

The inevitable collision causes the offending car to skid on two wheels for a wild second, before careening and ploughing right into the cars stopped at the signal on the opposite side of the junction.

Penalties for jumping the red light:

Vehicles involved in jumping red lights are confiscated for a month, and owners are penalised with a Dh3,000 release fee. Motorists who jump red lights in Abu Dhabi face stiffer penalties than in other emirates.

According to the UAE's federal traffic law, covering all the emirates, vehicles will be confiscated for 30 days and 12 black points will be added to the motorist's driving licence.

To release a car from the impound, owners must pay a Dh3,000 fee.

5. Stopping illegally on highway

In a video release in September 2022, a terrible vehicle crash is caught on camera after a driver stops in the middle of a road. The car illegally slows down and stops in the middle of the road. The driver begins to open the vehicle's door when a large white van crashes into the car. The van then spins out of control and crashes into a second oncoming car, causing multiple crashes.


The Abu Dhabi Police Directorate of Traffic and Patrols warned drivers against stopping in the middle of the road for any reason. The authorities have reminded motorists to move to the nearest exit when making a sudden stop, or to at least move to the right shoulder of the road.

The fine for the violation is Dh1,000 fine and six traffic black points.


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