Dubai: RTA to tow, impound vehicles found violating traffic rules

A new agreement signed by the Authority allows it to penalise drivers of both light and heavy vehicles


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Photo for illustrative purposes only
Photo for illustrative purposes only

Published: Mon 30 Jan 2023, 4:38 PM

Last updated: Mon 30 Jan 2023, 5:17 PM

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai on Monday said it signed an agreement with Emirates Parkings which allows the Authority to impound vehicles that violate the laws.

Under the newly-signed agreement, the RTA can impound both light and heavy vehicles and trailers for not adhering to the federal and local rules and regulations.

It can also impound loaded or empty light and heavy vehicles and trailers of all types, including mobile caravans, food carts, boats and bicycles that are spotted in field monitoring and found in violation of the rules and regulations.

In addition, the Passenger Transport Activities Monitoring Department, Right-Of-Way Department, Rail Right-Of-Way Department, Licensing Activities Monitoring Department, Parking Department as well as any other RTA department are to be tasked with responsibilities related to vehicle impounding in the future.

The Authority completed the automation and renovation of public parking machines in the emirate in November 2022.

It fitted them with touch screens enabling the entry of the vehicle details, and the issuance of an e-ticket likewise the text messages sent to mobile phones using the mParking system.

Under the agreement, the two entities systems are linked to enhance the impounding system. It also links them with the traffic and electronic systems to enable sharing of information about seized vehicles and calculation of applicable fees.

The system maintains all records of auctioning those vehicles as well.

The agreement also covers the management of the vehicle impounding process, which includes receiving vehicles required for impounding from their owners or representatives at the vehicle impounding yard.

Emirates Parking manages the impounding yard. This includes providing surveillance cameras and trained personnel.

It is worth noting that the agreement sets out the process of releasing vehicles according to the circumstances of each vehicle. If the seizure was a result of a technical traffic violation, the vehicle will be released after the designated period and the fine is paid.

In case of a technical traffic violation caused by a technical malfunction, the vehicle will not be released until the issue causing the impoundment has been resolved. The vehicle will be released after RTA receiving of all the outstanding fees associated with the impounded vehicle.


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