Dubai: RTA adjusts marine transport schedule according to summer season

Operating times are altered according to the nature of each season and the movement of the emirate's residents throughout the year

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File photo: Dubai Ferry
File photo: Dubai Ferry

A Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 4 Jun 2023, 6:29 PM

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Sunday announced the shift to a summer network schedule for maritime transport services including Dubai Ferry, Abras, water taxis, and water buses.

The operating times are altered according to the nature of each season and the movement of Dubai’s residents throughout the year.

The authority leverages big data to analyse traffic and ridership and accordingly adjusts timetables and frequency in different seasons and occasions.

“RTA’s shift to the summer mode is leveraged by big data that encapsulates all information relevant to marine transport services. This includes ridership, revenue, and operational rates that enrich service improvement studies and significantly contribute to improving network efficiency,” said Nabil Yousef Al Ali, director of Marine Transport, Public Transport Agency, RTA.

“Leveraging big data has enabled greater flexibility in devising and implementing this seasonal operational network initiative for marine transport. It operates based on a methodical approach that employs predictive analysis for scrutinising network data, foreseeing the effects of changes, and its flexibility in operating times, journey delay times, and the ridership and the ratios of works and revenues, and the ridership of marine transport,” he added.


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