Dh1,000 fine, 10 black points: Motorists warned to follow 'stop' sign rules as students return to school

Drivers must also display the sign on the buses while picking up or dropping off students and will be penalised for violating the law

By Web Desk

Published: Sun 1 Jan 2023, 3:18 PM

Last updated: Sun 1 Jan 2023, 10:43 PM

The Abu Dhabi Police have urged motorists to drive carefully and follow traffic rules as students returned to schools on Monday after the end of the holidays.

The authority took to social media to urge motorists to bring their vehicles to a complete stop when the 'stop' sign opens on a school bus while dropping off or picking up students.

Abu Dhabi Police reminded motorists that they are supposed to stop in both directions on a two-way road when the 'stop' sign is displayed and maintain a distance of five metres from the school bus to ensure the safe and secure passage of students.

Motorists who ignore the 'stop' signs are fined Dh1,000 and will receive ten black points against their licences. School bus drivers must also display the 'stop' signs on the buses while picking up or dropping off students. The penalty for not displaying the ‘stop’ signs on a school bus is Dh500 and six black points.

Parents must also adhere to traffic rules, including using the spaces designated for parking vehicles at schools as they drop off children in the morning or pick them up to avoid obstructing other drivers.

Motorists should drive carefully and reduce speed as they pass through the school zones to ensure the safety of students.


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