Taif Al Obaid: Kanoon tunes

Taif Al Obaid: Kanoon tunes
Taif Ali Obaid, a 13-year-old Kanoon player from Fujairah.

Taif Al Obaid is bringing a dash of local flair to the Global Fusion concert.

By David Light

Published: Sun 24 Jan 2016, 3:21 PM

Last updated: Mon 25 Jan 2016, 9:02 AM

IT'S THAT TIME of year again when banking firm Alpen Capital puts on its annual world music show at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. Given it is the event's 13th anniversary on Saturday, however, the invite-only Global Fusion 2016 will be bigger than ever with 13 artists set to perform to commemorate the milestone.
One such performer will be Taif Ali Obaid (pictured), a 13-year-old Kanoon player from Fujairah. She is the daughter of the Emirati Oud player Ali Obaid. Taif began piano training under the tutelage of her father at a young age before graduating to the Kanoon, a traditional stringed instrument, and later continued her training in a school in Fujairah.
She has performed at many events hosted by the Ministry of Education in schools and has come first in many music competitions.
Here Taif tells us more about her music and the concert.
How does it feel to be playing the Global Fusion concert?
It's a great pleasure as it's my first time. I thank Alpen Capital for giving me a chance to show my talent to the world and especially to my country, the UAE.
What have you got planned for the show?
I will play a Rehlat Al Arwah piece.
What made you take up music? How much of an influence is your father?
At the start it was just a passion for me to hear and play some songs on my keyboard at home. My father then took me to the Bayt Al Oud to study playing on the Kanoon, the instrument which I and my father believe that I belong to more than any other instrument.
What would you say is your style and will you look to develop it over time?
My style is Western mixed with Emirati music. For sure I am looking into developing my style in time.
Is this what you'd like to do as a career?
Yes my dream is to become a professional musician in future, the same as my father.
How much time per day do you dedicate to music? Does it fit round school?
Around four hours every day and it fits with my studies at school because I have a timetable for that.
What music do you enjoy listening to?
All types of music, especially classical music like Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms. I also enjoy Turkish music and of course our local and Asian music.
Would you like to be an inspiration for other young UAE citizens to take up an instrument? Have you ever faced any discouragement?
I hope to become an inspiration for the young generation in the UAE to start to give more of an interest to instruments. I never faced any type of discouragement.
What message would you like to give people aiming to follow in your footsteps?
It's a small message - just believe and work on yourself and your talent.

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