Student in court for 'stealing' truck battery

Ras Al Khaimah - Defence lawyer argues that police seizure procedures were null and void.

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Published: Thu 12 May 2016, 6:29 PM

Last updated: Thu 12 May 2016, 8:34 PM

A high school student has appeared in the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court of Appeal for allegedly stealing battery from a heavy truck parked on the side of the Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.
Earlier, the RAK Misdemeanour Court of First Instance, ordered the suspect to serve one year in prison over the theft charges and suspension of the verdict execution due his young age.
The same court ordered two of the suspect's fellow mates, who were with him during the theft, to be handed over to their guardians, and asked them to keep an eye on them, and bring them up well.
The students were also forced to sign undertakings never to be involved in similar thefts or fail to report the same to the law enforcement bodies.
The defence lawyer of one of the two other high school students argued that the entire police seizure procedures were null and void.
"My client - one of the two released students - did not participate in stealing any battery which has not even been touched by any of the three students," the lawyer said.
He was only driving his car on the Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road when the main suspect and the other student asked him to stop at the road side. They did not tell him anything, the lawyer said.
"They then approached a truck parked on the roadside and all of a sudden security patrol surrounded them though they did not steal anything there."
The two suspects and their friend, who was only driving the car and did not leave it, were taken into police custody. They all faced charges of stealing a heavy truck battery.
The defence lawyer told the court that the entire police arrest procedures were illegal. "The three students were not apprehended red-handed while stealing the truck battery."
They had stopped close to the truck, he underlined. "This does not mean that they were planning to steal the battery therein."
"My client was just sitting in the car, but was detained, though."
He was arrested with his friends, who did not even steal anything, and the battery was not seized from the car he was driving, he underscored.
The defence lawyer told the court that his client is a high school student with good performance. "The ruling of the lower court has defamed and left him deeply frustrated."
"All my client's hopes to join university and complete his study have turned upside down," he said, requesting exoneration of his client.
The RAK Misdemeanour Court of Appeal ordered adjournment of the case to next week to give its ruling.

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