State security cases put off to hear defence pleadings

State security cases put off to hear defence pleadings

Abu Dhabi - Supreme Federal Court hears public prosecution's pleadings in defamation cases


Mustafa Al Zarooni

Published: Tue 3 May 2016, 8:22 PM

The State Security Circuit of the Supreme Federal Court on Monday heard the public prosecution's pleadings in a case in which two UAE nationals stand accused of allegedly committing a hostile act against a brotherly Arab country - Egypt - by offending the country's political and security leaders and judiciary on the internet.

N.A.Kh.B, a 47-year old detainee, and H.H.D, a 59-year old fugitive - both Emiratis - are accused of creating a twitter account -Bin_Ghaith@-to humiliate senior Egyptian political and security figures, as well as the Egyptian judiciary. They are accused of endangering the interests of the UAE and Egypt and attempting to put UAE-Egyptian relations at risk.

Additionally, the two stand accused of posting false information about UAE leaders and their policies, offensively criticising the construction of a Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi, and instigating the people of the UAE against their leaders and government. The prosecution accused the two of trying to stir religious unrest that can pose a threat to the security of the UAE and undermine public order.

The prosecution accused the primary defendant of communicating and cooperating with members of the banned Al Islah organisation, as well as the banned Emirates Ummah Party, and delivering lectures that promote these groups.

The second accused is arraigned for organising and staging demonstrations and sit-ins against the UAE at embassies overseas with the intent of abusing the country and damaging its reputation, by making untrue claims that the UAE tortures its citizens and violates human rights. Such claims, the prosecutors said, can inflict damage to the UAE's reputation abroad and destabilise the country internally.

The two accused were also indicted for creating and running an account over a social media in the name of the Emirates Ummah party, which is banned by the government of the UAE. They aimed to promote the ideologies and beliefs of the party and encouraged others to join it.

The court, however, ordered the postponement of the case to May 23 to listen to the pleadings of the defence lawyers.

Affiliation with banned group

In another case, the court heard the pleadings given by the head of state security public prosecution counselor Saqr Saif in a case related to the Muslim brotherhood group of Yemen in which 19 people stand accused, mostly Yemeni nationals.

The chief of the prosecution told the court that the accused had created, set up, and run a secret organisation affiliated to Yemen's Muslim brotherhood group, UAE branch, being fully aware that the group is classified as terrorist and is banned in the country.

The accused, the chief prosecutor said, had set up an organisational structure of the UAE branch, which consists of five committees: the media committee, financial, cultural, charity and planning.

The group had elected a Shura (consultative) council for the Yemen's Muslim brotherhood group branch in the UAE, comprising 13 to 15 members. The council convenes once in a year and oversees the work of the group in the UAE.

The chief of the state security prosecution in his pleadings blamed the Yemeni Muslim brotherhood organisation - the UAE branch - of cooperating, dealing with and keeping in contact with banned Al Islah group. The Yemeni Muslim brotherhood group, UAE branch, is accused of collecting about Dh2 million from Al Islah group members.

The UAE branch, in conjunction with Al Islah group, plotted to overthrow the ruling regime of the UAE and seize power.

The court, deferred the case to May 9 to listen to the defence lawyers.
Helping terrorist outfits

In a third case, the state security prosecution accused three Syrians, one on the run while the two others are detained.

The prosecution indicted the trio for supplying two terrorist outfits - Al Nusra Front and Ahrar Al Sham - with money, devices and tools via the UAE, with full knowledge that these two groups are terrorist outfits.

The court put off the case to May 30 to hear the pleadings of the defence lawyers.

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