Spotted in Dubai: 'Hundreds' of dolphins seen off Kite beach

The rowers were overjoyed to see the mammals coming close to investigate

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By Web Desk

Published: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 2:02 PM

Last updated: Fri 9 Dec 2022, 3:39 PM

A group of rowers were in for a pleasant surprise when they encountered pods of dolphins, just off the Kite beach coast in Dubai, on December 8.

Expecting to see them in the Pacific Ocean, the rowers were overjoyed to see the marine mammals coming closer to investigate.

Paris Norris, the host of a television show 'Guy in Dubai', put up a video on his Instagram showing the blue beauties dipping near the boat.

"In our preparation to row across the Pacific Ocean with the @brothersnoarspacific2023 team, our training site in @dubai has turned out to be more than just a training site." The caption to the video said.

The video also said that the pods were seen close to popular Dubai haunt, Kite beach.

"We were accompanied this training session by a pod of over 100 dolphins who were curious about our slickly designed Ocean rowing boat. Maybe even slightly jealous of the aquadynamics, they showed off with some of their acrobatics and joined us for part of our training," the caption added.

Astounded by their beauty and grace, the rower said that he had never seen that many dolphins before, in the thirteen years that he had been living in Dubai.

"It was quite amazing and whilst I did expect to see that in the Pacific Ocean when we race in June to Hawaii, it was a pleasant surprise to meet them here in Dubai also."

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