Son saw father's martyrdom in dream

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Son saw fathers martyrdom in dream
Khamis Hamad Mohammed Al Kaabi

Dubai - The martyr was killed in a military training when his jet fell down on August 14, 2003 leaving behind wife and four kids.

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Published: Tue 24 Nov 2015, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 26 Nov 2015, 1:33 PM

Dreams can be predictive or suggestive. That became true for Saud Khamis, son of UAE Wing Commander Khamis Hamad Mohammed Al Kaabi, 13 years back.
Saud Khamis was just 17 and was studying abroad. While taking a nap after missing a flight back home, he saw himself losing father.
"Waiting for my next flight, I had a dream in which I saw that I was living without my father whom I called earlier to tell him about the flight I missed."
What waked the son up was a telephone call by a friend of his father who told him about his father's martyrdom.
"I tried hard to control myself until I arrived home where all my family members and relatives comforted me. Those were very touchy moments I can never forget."
The martyr was killed in a military training when his jet fell down on August 14, 2003 leaving behind wife and four kids. However, the UAE leadership has shown his family full support since then, and the martyr's elder son has become a military pilot like father who has now ten grandchildren.
Saud, also a fighter in the UAE Air Forces, the elder son of the martyr, said he was addicted to flying since his early childhood when he used to see his brave father in his magnificent uniform.
"I have always dreamt to be like him, and thus joined the airline high school."
Though shocked of his father's sad demise, Saud firmly completed his study, particularly as the UAE prudent leadership was there with unlimited help and support for all family members.
"They asked me to complete my study and promised to stand by me just like father."
Twenty-four year old Farris Khamis said he was 11 when his father was martyred.
"I did not have the chance to join the Armed Forces, but I am fully determined to sacrifice my soul and blood for my beloved country."
Wife of the martyr said she was terribly shocked and deeply grieved by her husband's loss.
"I was heart-broken, but everybody was there for support, mainly the leaders who comforted us all in person. Also the martyr's brothers have always backed us," she said, asking mothers and wives of the martyrs to be proud of the great sacrifice they gave, and eternal honour they left behind.
Abdullah Al Kaabi said his brother's martyrdom has filled all his family members, old and young, men and women, with unprecedented pride and honour.

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