Sharjah Police warn people not to fall prey to online rumours about job vacancies

Police urge job seekers to check the department's official platforms for accurate information

File photo
File photo

By Web Desk

Published: Thu 6 Jan 2022, 10:31 PM

Last updated: Fri 7 Jan 2022, 8:10 PM

The Sharjah Police on Thursday warned people not to fall prey to rumours, after fake news began circulating on social media about some job openings in the department.

The police urged people to check the credibility and accuracy of the news that circulates on social media sites. They requested people to visit the department’s official platforms for any information about vacancies in the department, according to a tweet posted on its official handle.

Legal action will be taken against people found involved in spreading such rumours, the police added.


According to Article 52 of the law, anyone who uses the internet to publish, circulate or spread false news, rumours or misleading information, contrary to the news published by official sources, could be punished by imprisonment for at least one year and fined Dh100,000.

In case the publishing of false news or rumours agitates public opinion against state authorities or occurs during times of pandemic, crises or disasters, the violator could be imprisoned for at least two years and fined Dh200,000.

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