Sharjah launches campaign to inspect hotel swimming pool facilities, ensure safety standards

Authority has set nine primary health standards and requirements for the safety of guests


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 6 Dec 2022, 6:44 PM

The Sharjah Municipality launched an inspection of hotel swimming pools to ensure that the facilities comply with all health standards and requirements for visitors' safety and public health.

Ruqaya Ibrahim, Head of the Health Control Department in the Municipality of Sharjah, confirmed that the municipality has set nine main health standards and requirements for hotel swimming pools.

  • The facilities must ensure the cleanliness of the basin or pool and maintain the absence of any traces of algae in it.
  • It should also include the provision of baths for bathing before entering the pool
  • The facility should provide appropriate number of toilets
  • There should be a room attached to the swimming pool equipped with water purification equipment and attention to its maintenance
  • They should employ a technician
  • There should be provision of changing rooms with lockers
  • A permanent swimming pool guard is a must
  • Provide tools to measure the chlorine/bromine and the acidity with a daily reading time
  • The authorities must carry out regular maintenance of walls, ceramics and floors, the cleanliness of all tools and towels used


She added that the municipality has carried out 200 inspection since the beginning of the year, targeting swimming pools in hotels.

The inspectors ensured that the hotels adhere to health requirements and standard. Samples were taken from 100 swimming pools to be examined in the environmental and consumables laboratory in the municipality, to ensure that the water is suitable for swimming.

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