Science explained: UAE summer starts today with eclipse, longest day of year

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Abu Dhabi - 8.14am to 11.12am is when the solar eclipse will be visible in the UAE.


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Sat 20 Jun 2020, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 21 Jun 2020, 7:34 PM

It is on June 21, that UAE residents will usher in the summer season amid a rare celestial event and the longest day of the year. And to have all these things happening on the same day is nothing but coincidence, an expert said.
There is absolutely no hidden meaning or known correlation between these events, according to a top expert from the National Centre of Meteorology.
The season changes by 1.44 am (local time) on Sunday. This curiously timed onset of summer, the official said, is determined based on the position of the sun and the earth.
"According to meteorology, summer will start in the UAE on June 21. The timing is decided based on where the sun is positioned, which is astronomy. It is the time when the sun will be perpendicular to the equator," the expert explained.
"It will also be the longest day of summer this year. Though the phenomenon of the solar eclipse and summer on the same day is unusual, there is no relation between these aspects and the longest day."
In the UAE, the celestial phenomenon will begin at precisely 08:14:47 and end at 11:12:04. It will be at its maximum at 9.36am. During the eclipse, people must refrain from looking directly at the sun without using special sunglasses with special filters.
An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon is located between the earth and the sun, and its apparent diameter is slightly smaller than the apparent diameter of the sun.
'Chance of fog on Monday'
Residents can expect the current temperature to drop a bit on Monday, and some places can even get foggy.
"The temperature in general has ranged between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius. Maximum temperature differs from place to place. For now, the highest temperature recorded is 47 degrees Celsius in the internal parts of the country.
"By Monday, we expect a dip in temperature, especially in the western region. There could be a chance of fog in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. There can be poor visibility."
However, the next two months will see mercury rising and likely to hit 49. "In July and August, the temperature will be in the range of 42 to 46 degrees Celsius across the UAE, with a maximum of 49 degrees. It will be very hot from the end of June till September, when the temperature will gradually decrease."
The summer season is expected to last till September 23. 

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