Revealed: Where in Dubai, Sharjah, you get fresh, ripe mangoes for as low as Dh3/kg

As the season of Indian mangoes comes to an end, vendors are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of fruits from Pakistan

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SM Ayaz Zakir

Published: Thu 11 May 2023, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 11 May 2023, 3:31 PM

It's time to indulge in the sweet, juicy goodness of the king of fruits, as the mango season is finally here. Markets in Dubai and Sharjah are abuzz with activity as vendors compete to sell the best and freshest mangoes to eager customers.

Al Awir Market

Here, purchasing Indian Alphonso mangoes at a bargain price of just Dh3 will be easy - if you possess exceptional bargaining skills.

As soon as you park your vehicle, you are greeted by a vendor with a beaming smile, who will enthusiastically share information about the mango and its varieties. Upon entering the market, vendors from every stall will vie for your attention, tempting you with boasts about the freshness, quality, and price of their mangoes.

Al Awir Market is a treat for your senses - scent, visual, and touch. As you step in, the pleasant aroma of ripe fruits is evident. The vibrant hues of the fruits on display catch your eye and compel you to touch and feel the freshness of the mangoes.

You can’t avoid sampling the juicy goodness of the fruit on offer while moving from stall to stall!

Available varieties: Indian varieties (Alphonso, Badami, and Kesari) and one Yemen variety

“Currently, the market offers three varieties of Indian and a Yemen mango variety,” said Anees Mohammed, a vendor at stall 174 at Al Awir Market.

“No doubt, the Indian Alphonso is always in demand, and we sell over 30 boxes ranging from 3 kilograms to 5 kilograms daily. During weekends the number shoots up to a hundred cartons,” added Mohammed.

The price depends on your bargaining skills, and the regular price at this market starts at Dh20 a carton for Alphonso and Dh18 for a carton of Badami and Kesari. However, Yemen mangoes are a bit higher, costing Dh25 a carton.

Waterfront Market

This fruit market is a world of richness and splendour. As you step into the air-conditioned hall, the smell of fresh fruits grips your senses. Stalls here showcase the finest fruits from around the world, arranged to buy and eat.

The prices of the fruits here are slightly higher, but for those who can afford them, they are worth every penny.

However, there are only a few varieties of mangoes here, but the vendors are eagerly awaiting the most anticipated and loved mangoes from Pakistan. “We sell over 50 boxes of mangoes every day. However, on weekends the number doubles or triples,” said Inamullah, a vendor at stall number 36.

“People do not come to purchase just mangoes. But once the Pakistani mangoes arrive, the atmosphere is completely different. We cannot even take a break to freshen up or for snacks,” added Inamullah.

A box of Indian mangoes at the Waterfront Market starts at Dh25, going up to Dh40 for a box of Alphonso mango weighing under 5 kilograms.

There are two varieties of Yemeni mangoes. “At the moment people do not prefer them as Alphonso mangoes steal the limelight,” said Inamullah.

Jubail Market Sharjah

For those residing in Sharjah and who cannot travel to Dubai to get these mangoes, fret not! Souq Al Jubail is a haven for mango lovers, offering a huge variety. The famous Alphonso mango, as always, will leave you in awe among the many mango varieties available at the market.

At stall A12 in Souq Al Jubail, Ashraf Hussain reveals the secret to maximising the taste of mangoes.

“Often, people consume the fruit before it is perfectly ripe, leading to disappointment with the taste. To ensure a delightful experience, it is essential to inquire about the date of harvesting and count the number of days. The ideal time for consumption is between the 15th and 20th day post-harvest, as it provides the perfect treat for your taste buds,” said Ashraf.

Similar to the vendors at the Waterfront Market, those at Souq Al Jubail are also eagerly anticipating the arrival of Pakistani mangoes.

“[The] season of Indian mangoes is nearing its end. Soon, in the coming days, we will be receiving mangoes from Pakistan, which will be a festive season,” said Sadiq, a fruit vendor at the market.


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