Restaurant owner in Dubai slashes staff's salary by forging labour contracts

Restaurant owner, Dubai, slashes, staff salary, forging, labour contracts,

Dubai - The case dates back to January 23. It was registered at Al Rafaa police station.


Marie Nammour

Published: Tue 28 Jul 2020, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 28 Jul 2020, 7:02 PM

A businessman has gone on trial after he allegedly forged updated copies of two labour contracts and faked signatures of two employees.
The Dubai Court of First Instance heard how the 47-year-old restaurant owner, a Cypriot, falsified the salaries of two of his staff and changed them from Dh14,000 and Dh5,700 to Dh1,000.
He used the forged copies when he went to a Tasheel branch to have the two contracts authenticated and formally updated at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
The case dates back to January 23. It was registered at Al Rafaa police station.
The first complainant, an Arab working as a staff supervisor at the restaurant, said: "I have been working here since 2017 and the previous female owner used to pay me Dh5,700 in cash per month. In August of 2019, the defendant became the new owner. In January 2020, the owner told me that he would reduce my salary to Dh3,000 because of poor earnings."
The supervisor did not mind then. "We went together and updated the contract at a Tasheel office with the new Dh3,000 salary. I signed the new contract online."
But to his dismay, he learned that his salary was reduced to just Dh1,000 when he claimed it in February. "I checked about the new contract at Tasheel and got to know that the salary was Dh1,000. The owner had changed the amount without my approval after I last signed it online. I did not sign on the updated copy that had Dh1,000 as a salary. I filed a complaint against him at the police station," the supervisor told the investigator.
The second complainant, an Arab working as an administrative manager, said he had been earning a monthly salary of Dh14,000. "It had been agreed on in my labour contract. In August 2019, the previous owner sold her shares to her brother, the defendant. In January, this year, I asked the new owner to cancel my contract and give me my entire dues but to no avail."
The manager was, however, surprised to learn that his salary was decreased to Dh1,000 in a new contract when he visited a Tasheel branch. "What was even more shocking is that the new contract had my e-signature even though I did not agree or sign it," the manager said.
A Tasheel employee said that the restaurant owner submitted updated copies of two labour contracts. "He went and came back, alleging that he got the new copies signed by two of his employees. After the owner confirmed to me that the two staff signed on the copies, the new contracts were completed and the transactions processed in the Mohre e-system."
The trial has been adjourned to August 11. 

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