Ramadan recipe of the day: Coconut sago, mango mousse and passion fruit trifle

A self-taught Emirati chef blends Emirati cuisine with modern twists and international flavours


Nasreen Abdulla

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Published: Mon 17 Apr 2023, 5:39 PM

Last updated: Mon 17 Apr 2023, 5:50 PM

Self-taught Emirati chef Arwa Lootah has honed her culinary skills through extensive experimenting.

She started her journey in the creative field by earning a degree in art and design. After discovering her love for the art of food, she earned an online degree before dabbling with different ingredients and flavours in her home kitchen, and soon began to develop her own unique style of cooking.

Her dishes are a blend of traditional Emirati cuisine with modern twists and international flavours. Lootah’s passion for cooking and baking led her to start her own home-based bake lab called ‘iwara’ which specialises in hand-crafted cookies.

Here is a recipe of her dessert, Coconut Sago, Mango Mousse and Passionfruit Trifle:


Vanilla Cake Slices (enough for 3 layers)

2 Cups of Mango Chunks

2 tbs Toasted Desiccated Coconut


1 1/2 Cup Passionfruit Puree

1 Cup Sugar

2 tbs Corn flour

50ml Water


2 Cans Coconut Milk

1/2 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Sago


1/2 Cup Water

1/3 Cup Sugar

Juice of 2 Lemons


1 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream

3 tbs Icing Sugar

2 Cups Mango Puree

1 tbs Gelatin

50ml Water


For the Lemon Syrup:

In a saucepan, add all ingredients until the sugar dissolves and it is slightly syrupy.

For the Mango Mousse:

1. Whip the cream with sugar until soft peaks form.

2. Add the mango puree and place the mixture in the fridge until you prepare the gelatin.

3. In a microwave safe bowl, add water and gelatin. Let it sit for one minute.

4. Microwave for 15 second intervals until it dissolves.

5. Allow it to cool a bit then add it to the mango mixture while whisking. Set aside.

For the Passionfruit Sauce:

1. In a saucepan, add passionfruit puree and sugar.

2. Whisk until the sugar dissolves.

3. Mix the water into the corn flour to make a slurry.

4. Add the passionfruit while whisking until it thickens. Set aside.

For the Coconut Sago:

1. In a saucepan, add coconut milk, sago and sugar.

2. Whisk continuously until it thickens. Set aside.


1. In a trifle dish, put a layer of cake and soak it with syrup.

2. Top it with a layer of coconut sago and mango chunks.

3. Pipe a layer of mango mousse.

4. Repeat the process for a second layer.

5. For a third layer, soak the cake with the syrup top with mousse and decorate it with passionfruit sauce, mango chunks and toasted coconut.


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