Ras Al Khaimah roads now monitored with laser speed gun


Ras Al Khaimah roads now monitored with laser speed gun

Ras Al Khaimah - The American-made sophisticated device is the first of its kind here.

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Published: Fri 7 Oct 2016, 1:34 PM

Whereas speeding has been blamed for most of the traffic violations recorded here, the Ras Al Khaimah police have warned reckless drivers that TruCAM laser operated speed gun is now in service. 
The American-made sophisticated device is the first of its kind here. It can easily detect all the drivers exceeding speed limit with high definition built-in cameras, according to a top police officer. 
Col Ali Saeed Al Alkeem, director of traffic and patrols department with RAK police, on Thursday said the new electronic device is an added value to the traffic police. 
"It will help curb traffic violations, mainly speeding on the roads of the emirate," he said. "The RAK police spare no effort to better monitor and control speeding and racing drivers, and try to ensure an accident-free society." 
All the traffic department staffers and patrols will be trained on the new laser-operated speed gun, he added. "The TruCAM can cover all the vehicles running over a wide distance of four to six lanes at a time." 
It can further detect speeding drivers, whether they are driving light or heavy vehicles, in both directions at the same time with the help of the HD cameras, Col Alkeem disclosed. 
"The speed gun can read and record the details and speeds of all the vehicles within reach in a quick and accurate way, and that will help catch all callous drivers." 
Warning, he said the new device can detect a variety of violations at a time. "The speed gun can quickly read the number plates of the speeding drivers as per the road type, speed limit, and whether the vehicle is light or heavy." 
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Eng Mohammed Salem, a traffic safety expert, said the TruCAM collects and stores video evidence for different types of violations, mainly speeding and tailgating violations, along with a high-resolution image that identifies vehicle make, model and plate number. "The data it produces can also feed into any Geographic Information System (GIS) framework." 
By utilizing GPS, it automatically generates location-based information every time the TruCAM is used, he added. "This provides historical data to determine why, where, when and how to deploy valuable human and capital assets in the future." 
Col Alkeem urged the drivers to observe traffic rules and regulations, particularly speed limit. "Motorists should never drive while tired, and have to stop in a safe place to avoid collision." 
Jumping red traffic signal is strictly banned as well, he underlined. "It poses a grave risk to road users' safety. Drivers also need to be focused on the road, do not talk on the phone while driving, avoid poor overtaking, abide by lane, and make sure the main road is clear before entering." 
"As per a tougher unified traffic law with higher fines and a black points system enacted in 2008 all over the UAE, erring motorists are penalised with up to 24 black points, following which they lose their driving licenses."

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