Ramadan 2015: A squash trainer's tip for healthy fasting

Ramadan 2015: A squash trainers tip for healthy fasting
Squash trainer Azam Khan fasts and also coaches his students at different slots everyday even during the holy month of Ramadan.

Nothing but a fruit salad is enough for Iftar meal


Nivriti Butalia

Published: Mon 13 Jul 2015, 7:34 AM

Last updated: Tue 19 Apr 2016, 5:12 PM

When the holy month of Ramadan brings changes in routine activities, Azam Khan, a 30-year-old squash trainer and player from Pakistan, says nothing has changed for him, except the eating habits.
According to Khan, anything other than a fruit salad is "too heavy" for the Iftar. As in pre-Ramadan days, he continues coaching his students at different slots everyday, with consecutive classes on Fridays and Saturdays, at the Sheraton Hotel in Jumeirah Beach Residence.
Khan who doesn't mind the hectic schedule, said in Urdu: "A man has to earn his bread. The same logic ap-plies to all Muslim professionals who observe fast. Work continues, and one has to learn to cope."
The body he says, knows how to adjust. And athletes are hard wired to know the meaning of routine and discipline. But when somebody sweat it out an empty stomach, hydration at suhoor (pre-dawn meal) becomes especially important, he added. "I'm very particular about drinking a lot of water 'jab roza khulta hai' - when the day's fast is over, and on till 4.30 am the next day, suhour time," Khan said.
"Though food is important one can last a while without food, but not water," he added.
According to Khan, anything other than a fruit salad is "too heavy" for the Iftar. Often on weekends, Khan's last coaching session will be from 9pm to 10pm.
The proper meal is saved after 10pm. Following his footsteps, most of his Muslim students prac-tise after taking a light Iftar meal. But in response to questions such as 'isn't it taxing?'
And 'how do you manage', he shrugs and with a smile says nonchalantly - "faith, god"

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