RAK police arrest three involved in 61 robberies

RAK police arrest three involved in 61 robberies
The three suspects implicated in 61 robbers across the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Supplied photo

Ras Al Khaimah - The men targeted labour accommodations.

And finally after so many robberies reported in the labour accommodation here, the Ras Al Khaimah police have arrested the masterminds behind these.
According to a senior police officer, three Asian residents, including two illegal residents, were implicated in 61 robberies in a number of labour accommodations across the emirate.
The Criminal Investigations Department, alerted of the robberies, launched intensive investigations and formed a search team to collect information at the accommodations.
Col. Abdullah Ali Mankhas, director of the criminal investigations department with the RAK police, said an undercover agent informed them that an Asian resident deposited his cell phone as a mortgage for failing to pay for groceries at an outlet here. "The mobile phone, when examined, proved to be one of the robbed items reported."
The suspect was tracked down to his accommodation, he added. "Armed with the prosecution permission, the CID stormed the robber's house where many of the reported items were found."
The suspect admitted to having robbed all the items found in his possession with the help of two other residents, Col. Mankhas said. "The items included banknotes of different currencies, cell phones, watches, jewels, electronic and electric sets, sheets and blankets."
The suspect told the police that he and the other two men had committed 61 robberies across the emirate. "They were only targeting labour accommodation and robbed whatever they could carry, which they later shared and sold."
Col. Mankhas noted that the two accomplices, who proved to be illegal residents, were arrested later. "The duo was detained at their accommodation where many of the other robbed items reported were found."
The case was then referred to the RAK public prosecution for legal action, he said. "All workers need to be more cautious and make sure they keep their precious items and money in a safe and tightly locked place."
The RAK police have launched a campaign under the theme 'For safe houses' to develop workers' awareness about the best way to keep their belongings safe.
"We have distributed 35,000 awareness brochures in Arabic, English and Urdu to workers to curb robberies and other related crimes, mainly in labour accommodation," Col. Mankhas said, urging workers to report any suspicious acts they come through.

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