Police crackdown on Rolla gamblers

The Sharjah Police have launched a crackdown on people, especially labourers, indulging in gambling at streets and parks in Rolla.


Afkar Ali Ahmed

Published: Tue 21 Dec 2010, 10:03 PM

Last updated: Wed 13 Oct 2021, 8:32 AM

Workers of Asian nationalities sitting in groups around an iron table waging their bets as the man who runs the game asks the participant to hold a screwdriver inside an inch-wide belt or band folded in particular shapes is a common scene here, especially in the evening.

The person wins the bet if he could hold the screwdriver in such a way that when the folded belt or band is pulled, the screwdriver gets stuck inside.

Mohammed Azeem, who gambles often, told Khaleej Times that most of the gamblers are Asian labourers. Each group has different amounts as bets. Usually, a bet is for Dh100. If the person wins, he would get Dh200. If he bets for Dh200 and wins, he could get Dh500.

While the game is in progress, aides of the man who runs the game watch around to ensure that there are no police patrols or officials.

Bakri Abid, a resident of Rolla, said that after sunset, several such groups could be seen in the area. Their number increases during weekends. Mohammed Amin, a resident of Al Mussala area, said sometimes, gambling leads to violence. Rafeeq Ali, an Indian living in Rolla, said this is a popular game in some villages in India but back home, the bets are for less money.

Here, they bet for Dh100 to earn Dh200 or Dh200 to earn Dh500. Suresh, another Indian living in the same area, said labourers come daily from the camps in industrial areas just to play the game. “I also participate in the game just to earn more dirhams. I have won several times; that’s why I’m fond of it,” he said. Mubeen, another habitual gambler, said he has sold everything he owns to put bets the gambling in the hope of winning more money. “But unfortunately, every time I play these days, I lose.”A top officer of the Sharjah Police said the police recently arrested several individuals caught running gambling activities.

The police are aware about the activity and more patrols have been deployed in the areas where such activities are being reported. The police find it difficult to catch the people indulging in the activity as they flee the area when they see any police vehicle.


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