Pink Caravan reaches Ras Al Khaimah

Pink Caravan reaches Ras Al Khaimah

Sharjah - The Caravan offers 2254 screening in four days

By Agencies

Published: Fri 11 Mar 2016, 2:50 PM

Last updated: Fri 11 Mar 2016, 4:56 PM

The Pink Caravan Ride kicked off on Thursday from the HCT Ras Al Khaimah Women's College reaching Cove Rotana Resort after crossing a distance of 28.7km.This made the  total distance covered  to 67km since it kick started on March 7th.
The fixed and mobile medical clinics witnessed a huge footfall by visitors of different nationalities who sought to undergo breast cancer screenings, while the "Soldiers of Hope", including doctors, riders and volunteers continued their noble humanitarian mission of raising awareness about breast cancer and the importance of its early detection.
The ride made several stops to promote their awareness message of breast cancer awareness and the benefits of its early detection. Additionally, to conduct the free medical check-ups for both males and females. Stops were at Saqr Hospital and Al Manar Mall. Large number of crowd engaged with the Pink Caravan team in discussions about the diseases and its preventive methods.
The mobile mammography clinic at Expo Hospital, and the two stationary clinics at Saqr Hospital and Al Daqaqa Healthcare Centre saw an impressive turnout by people of all segments.
Demographical analysis of screened people on the fourth day, including the fixed clinic at Al Majaz Waterfront, shows that the mobile and stationary clinics offered free breast cancer examinations for (833) persons, including (154) men and (679) women, bringing the total number of examined people in the first four days to (2254), of whom (773) were referred for mammogram screenings, and (166) were referred for further ultrasound examinations to ensure their safety.
The (883) men and women breakdown were as following, Expo Center that hosted the mobile mammography unit received the highest number of visitors with (434); while the medical clinics that included, Saqr Hospital received (222) persons; Al Daqaqa Healthcare Centre received (127) person; while Al Majaz Waterfront received (50) person.
Al Madhi noted that the Pink Caravan, thanks to the support by the UAE's wise leadership's and all segment of community, succeeded in creating a leading experience in humanitarian work. "With it noble message and goals, the Pink Caravan has proved that we can address challenges no matter what they are by collaborative efforts and complementarity of roles," she said.
Expressing her delightfulness of joining the Pink Caravan Ride, Hind Al Janahi, a rider participating in the fourth day ride, said, "For the past three years, I was always been keen to participate in the Pink Caravan Ride. I believe that the Pink Caravan Ride plays an important role in educating people of the UAE and the world about breast cancer, a disease that of not early detected, might lead to undesired consequences".
She stressed that her experience with the Pink Caravanallowed her to explore new horizons, particularly with regard to one's responsibility towards his society, and the need for involvement in the voluntary and humanitarian work.
It is notable to know that the medical screening for the early detection of breast cancer normally costs the between Dh 500 and Dh1,000. Despite the high cost, the Pink Caravan offers it for free for citizens and residents across the UAE, and also provides support and treatment to cancer patients.

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