Photos: Coronavirus-infected nurse, husband blessed with Covid-free baby in UAE

 Coronavirus-infected nurse, husband, blessed, Covid-free baby

Al Ain - The nurse and her husband are now Covid-negative and out of danger.


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Mon 29 Jun 2020, 5:00 PM

Last updated: Mon 29 Jun 2020, 11:46 PM

A couple, who had tested positive for coronavirus, were blessed with a Covid-free baby recently in Abu Dhabi. The mother, a frontline nurse, has named the newborn Angeline as a tribute to all the 'angel' nurses battling the pandemic.
The nurse and her husband are now Covid-negative and out of danger. However, the last few months were very challenging for the couple - Jincy Antony, a staff nurse at Medeor Hospital Al Ain, and her husband Jose Joy -- who had longed for a child for five years.
When the pandemic broke out, it was the call of duty that was important for Jincy. She took precautionary measures while serving Covid-19 patients.
Everything was fine until May 4 when her husband started showing Covid-19 symptoms - high fever, sore throat and body pain. He tested positive, and was diagnosed with pneumonia and faced breathing difficulties. On May 15, Jincy also tested positive.
"It was a tough time. I tried to keep my spirits high and stay strong. But it wasn't easy. I was 36 weeks pregnant and my delivery date was nearing. I was worried about the health of my child. The thought was very distressing. I tried to stay calm. Unlike my husband, my condition was stable," she said.
It took about 22 days for Jincy to secure her first negative result. Jose recovered and was placed under home quarantine.
"I was very relieved. I was waiting for my second negative result." But she tested positive again on June 7.
"We were shattered. My blood pressure level was high. As per the doctor's advice, we decided to go ahead with labour induction."
Tribute to nurses combating Covid
Jincy delivered a healthy baby girl, who tested Covid negative. "We were overjoyed. I wanted to hold my child and kiss her but couldn't. My colleagues looked after the baby and showed me her face from a distance. They sent me a few pictures. It hurt me that I couldn't hold my child or feed her. My husband, in quarantine, was suffering too. But we were happy that at least our child tested negative," added Jincy.
And three days later, she tested negative as well.
Dr Divyatha Jayaram, specialist obstetrics and gynaecology, Medeor Hospital, said she is happy the child and mother are safe.
"Jincy was very strong. I was amazed to see the courage she displayed. Thankfully, the child is healthy."
Jincy was overwhelmed with emotions when she finally held her baby for the first time.
"It was at that moment I decided to name her Angeline as a tribute to all nurses across the world fighting the Covid battle."
A few days after the delivery, Jincy was discharged and reached home where Jose was eagerly waiting.
"It was an emotional moment for me as well. We had only informed our immediate family about our medical condition. They were all worried and scared. But thankfully, God had listened to our prayers. Our child is fine," said Jose.
While Jincy was undergoing treatment, the newborn was looked after by her sister Josmy. Later, even she tested positive. Josmy has recovered after securing her negative results.
It's been two weeks since Jincy tested negative and both the mother and child are completely out of the risk of infection. 

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