Photos: 50 new trains, 7 stations on Dubais Route 2020 to have improved designs

Dubai - Of the 50 new trains, 15 are for serving Expo and 35 to improve the level of Dubai Metro service.


A Staff Reporter

Published: Wed 8 Jul 2020, 4:00 PM

Last updated: Tue 27 Dec 2022, 12:00 PM

The newly inaugurated Route 2020 will have 50 trains and seven stations with an enhanced design of the existing trains and stations.

Of the 50 new trains, 15 are for serving Expo and 35 to improve the level of Dubai Metro service.

Several improvements have been introduced to the interior design of the new trains to avail more convenience to riders and increase the capacity of carriages. In the new trains, the last cabin is designated for women and children and part of the first cabin is allotted as Gold Class and the rest are Silver Class. Seats are arranged in a transversal style in the gold cabin and longitudinal pattern in both the Silver Class and women and children cabin.

This distribution will increase the capacity of trains by 8 pe cent from 643 to 696 passengers. Improvements also include new designs for handles and lighting, using digital signage (VBSD). They also include an illuminated dynamic map for the metro route and stations, using LED power-saving lighting system and modifying the design of the luggage compartment to make it usable by standing commuters. Improvements also cover the shape and the number of handles, the use of modern digital display systems, distribution of seats on two sides of the train and enhancement of the gangway connecting carriages. The new carriages ensure ease of use for people of determination and the smooth boarding and alighting of riders.

The exterior design of trains will remain the same as the existing ones to maintain the design and colour identity of the Dubai Metro.

The exterior designs of Route 2020 stations feature an enhanced version of the architectural design of existing metro stations along the Red and Green Lines. Such designs include four variations. The Expo station features plane wings, symbolising Dubai's future aspirations and its focus on innovation. The interchange station between Route 2020 and the Red Line at Jebel Ali has a design similar to that of current metro stations in order to maintain overall design identity. The other two patterns are for elevated and underground stations. The new designs allow for bigger capacities compared with the existing stations on the Red Line, besides design elements signifying simplicity, modernity and sustainability.

The areas of elevated stations range from 8,100 to 8,800 square metres, and the areas of the two underground stations range from 27,000 to 28,700 square metres. Expo 2020 Station spans 18,800 square metres.

The interior designs of the stations feature a contemporary pattern and flow lines derived from the four elements of nature - air (the pulse of life and the source of continuity), earth (the constant element of nature), fire (the source of energy and strength), and water (the lifeline and source of inspiration) - in addition to the design resembling future Dubai.

The design of the new stations enables integration with the public transportation system. Every station has bus and taxi laybys as well as stops for pick-up and drop-off.

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