People from across the world share what makes them happy

People from across the world share what makes them happy

KT's Happiness and Positivity Editor Saman Haziq curates reactions from people across the world as to what happiness means to them.

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By Saman Haziq

Published: Sun 3 Apr 2016, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 3 Apr 2016, 3:54 PM

In today's world when most of the news is literally "breaking" news - sad and dismal, Khaleej Times, in its earnest pursuit of happiness, intends to redefine the purpose of journalism by bringing to the fore the sunny side of life.
Bilal Mujawar, India
The feeling of happiness is hard to explain. To realize that I am alive and happy is happiness in itself. Happiness for me holds a very nonmaterialistic meaning. It's being content with all the blessings I have that alot of people would just wish they'd have. Happiness is surrounding yourself with people that make you happy. It's not about having everything perfect, rather looking beyond the imperfections. Happiness is experience, not possession. It is loving, embracing, and living through life with a positive attitude.
Shruti Sharma, India
Happiness is quite a subjective emotion. Different people experience this emotion through different things. However. For me, happiness is getting up everyday to see happy faces of my family, happiness is watching my daughters growing up into healthy, happy and compassionate beings. Beyond family, independence, both financial and emotional, brings me immense joy.
Jake Antonio, Philippines
Having a fulfilling job and being able do my passion at the same time makes me truly happy. I used to work as a restaurant staff before I moved to JK Sports. I now organise basketball tournaments across the UAE and seeing my kababayans (compatriots) active in sports makes me happy. The UAE has given us an opportunity not just to find work but also play our favourite sport which is basketball.
Komal Aqeel, Pakistan
For me happiness is to see my mother happy and.The only love that I really believe in is a mother's love I like it when my mother smiles and I especially like it when I make her smile.her prayers and unconditional love is greatest strength of my life.
Adnan Ukasha, Jordan
Happiness means a feeling of satisfaction with everything. "I feel happy when I get appreciated at work, when my work is appreciated not only in words but also monetarily. It gives such a feeling of relief if I am able to fulfill my duties as required and yes that cannot be done if don't have good health. So leading a disease-free, healthy life definitely means a happy life for me.
Laura Morgan, UK
Happiness for me is feeling content, and settled. Whether I'm seeing my family after a long time, things are going well at work or with my relationship. Happiness is a personal objective that doesn't focus on money or objects, but more personal goals of health and love. Being away from my family and friends helps me realise what really makes me happy and how I value happiness.
Abdulkhaliq Abid, Sudan
For me happiness is to be content with what God has blessed me with and not comparing myself with others, who are blessed more than me. If you keep comparing your self with others who have more (material happiness) than you then you will remain perpetually unhappy. So I say Alhamdulillah (All praise is for Allah) for whatever Allah has blessed me with and keeps me contented.
Crizel Ferrer Kaul, Philippines
Happiness means balance of spirit, mind and body. Spirit, when you have a personal relationship with God, Mind, when you have peace of mind, knowing your love ones are safe and healthy and Body, when you enjoy the simple pleasures of life, through giving and acts of kindness.
Toby Young, UK
Happiness - to me, it is all about my family. Making sure they are safe, well and fed. We also look to the future for all of us too. No one knows what the future holds, but we feel we have to save for it nonetheless. Myself, and my family love Dubai and want to stay here for as long as we can.
Usman Naeem, Pakistan
For me happiness is all about family. I want to do well in my career so that I progress, earn well and earn happiness for my wife and kids. Money is definitely an integral part of happiness and I am here in Dubai to make a career for myself and earn my happiness here.

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