Panama Papers: UAE Pakistani expats react to Sharif's ousting as PM

Panama Papers: UAE Pakistani expats react to Sharifs ousting as PM

Pakistani expats have said that this is a "new era" for the country.

By Sarwat Nasir

Published: Fri 28 Jul 2017, 2:50 PM

Last updated: Sun 30 Jul 2017, 7:09 AM

Pakistani expats in the UAE are celebrating the Supreme Court's ruling of ousting Nawaz Sharif as the prime minister of the country over a corruption case.
Sharif, who was serving his third term as prime minister of Pakistan, was exposed in the Panama Papers last year, which revealed that his children owned properties in London. He also held employment in a UAE-based firm and was receiving a salary.
Nawaz Sharif resigns as Pakistan PM after disqualification
Pakistani expats have said that this is a "new era" for the country. Hena Khan, the CEO of Hena Khan Events and founder of UAE Mums, said: "I am proud of our judicial system for not giving up and taking the Panama matter till this level. Pakistan has suffered through the hands of such politicians for generations. For me, the future of Pakistan looks bright. I hope and pray for a capable leader to be elected so Pakistan can reach the heights of success. Out of the existing political parties, I have the most hope from PTI - Imran Khan's party. "Imran Khan has always supported education, infrastructure, improved healthcare and better regulatory agencies and most importantly, fair yearly budget allocation to provincial governments. All of this will definitely take Pakistan towards the Pakistan we aim to see."
One Pakistani expat, Ayaz Mahboob, believes that people can expect "a lot of changes" in the country with this historic decision. Mahboob said it's due time that leaders in Pakistan be held accountable for corruption and be removed from power. "I'm glad to heard that our prime minister is gone. In my opinion, I could say that they are corrupt people who are taking money from the government and they make a lot of personal business outside of the country," Mahboob said.
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"We are so happy because of the court's decision. Our corrupt prime minister is gone and we are expecting a lot of changes in Pakistan."
Muhammad Hussain said:  "Pakistan's future will be very successful and bright. Imran Khan has the capability to build a great country. The Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital the great example of that and also the North side of Pakistan development is a great example. When the people give him a chance, he will prove that is a great leader."
However, one Pakistani expat has said he has "mixed feelings" on the decision. Mohammed Yousuf Bhaila, a sales manager, said even though he is happy to see that the judicial system has started to punish corrupt politicians, he is still doubtful about many things.
"My wish is that this process should continue and people from all institutions and walks of life be held accountable, not only politicians. It is unfortunate that elected prime ministers are disqualified by courts, as I believe this choice should have been with people of Pakistan. In a democratic society, real difference comes when people's mindsets are changed at the grass root level so they select the best candidates as their rulers."

Hena Khan, the CEO of Hena Khan Events and founder of UAE Mums
Hena Khan, the CEO of Hena Khan Events and founder of UAE Mums
Mohammed Yousuf Bhaila
Mohammed Yousuf Bhaila
Ayaz Mahboob
Ayaz Mahboob

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