'No mercy' for violating food safety rules, says RAK official

No mercy for violating food safety rules, says RAK official
Ras Al Khaimah Municipality shuts restaurant, fines 85 food outlets and warns 22 others.

Ras Al Khaimah Municipality shuts restaurant, fines 85 food outlets and warns 22 others

Ras Al Khaimah - Food outlets can expect a ten-fold increase in fines for violating health and environment standards in Ras Al Khaimah, an official has warned.
Khalifa Mohammed Al Maktoum, manager of the Public Health and Environment Department at the RAK Municipality, said: "There is no mercy for whoever manipulates food validity and quality risking people's health and life."

The municipality has been imposing a fine between Dh20,000 and Dh30,000 for severe violation of set rules and regulations.
"Now, the fines are multiplied up to ten times in case of big and hazardous violations related to public health. However, the amount of fine is determined in line with the type and impact of the violation."
Meanwhile, a restaurant was shut down and 85 food outlets were fined, as part of an intensive raid carried out by the RAK Municipality last month.

The municipality inspectors carried out 370 inspection campaigns against shops, groceries, traditional restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, and cafes in June this year.
Munzir bin Shukr Al Zaabi, director-general of the RAK Municipality, said action was taken against the eateries for violating the set health and environment standards.
"As per the set health and environment rules, the validity of cooked food is just one day, and can never ever be served as fresh one day later."
"The inspectors also confiscated 63 kilogramme of spoiled food items from a number of groceries and eateries, which turned bad due to improper storage," Al Zaabi said.
"Some of the food spotted proved to be cooked one day earlier, yet were being offered for sale as if fresh and just cooked."
As many as 22 eateries were issued warning letters for not meeting the standards, he pointed out.
Khalifa Mohammed added: "93 other shops and outlets were asked to pledge in writing never to repeat the same violations or face permanent closure."
Al Maktoum said inspection raids have been intensified to ensure food and health quality services and products.

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