New Emirates ID: Fee remains unchanged, says ICA

Dubai - Residents advised to use old ID card till they expire.


A Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 9 Aug 2021, 2:19 AM

The fees for issuing new Emirates ID cards launched on Saturday remain unchanged, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has said.

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The “second generation” of the Emirates ID card was launched as part of the new Emirati passports and national ID card project.


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A top official said the new IDs will be issued for those whose cards have expired; and those who have requested for replacement of lost or damaged ones.

Major-General Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, acting director-general of the ICA, advised residents to continue using their old cards till they expire.

He said the new ID cards will help develop population data “using advanced technology”.

The new ID has enhanced protection of invisible data (can be read through e-link system with the ICA); improved technical and technological characteristics (higher chip capacity and non-touch data reading feature); a high-quality card with a longer life (using polycarbonate for a life service exceeding 10 years); consolidated 3D photo (laser printing feature authenticated with the date of birth); and additional fields with codes definition (professional data, issuing authority and population group).

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