New dangerous online challenge surfaces in UAE

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The mother noticed bruises around the boy's neck and realised he had been playing with his friends.

By Web Report

Published: Tue 29 Oct 2019, 2:48 PM

Last updated: Tue 29 Oct 2019, 7:18 PM

A new dangerous challenge is currently spreading among children in the UAE, putting their lives in danger.

The challenge, which no adult or child should ever try, requires the participant to strangle himself/herself using a rope or anything similar, and see who can last the longest without breathing, Arabic daily Al Bayan reported.

The newspaper highlighted the case of Rashid, a student who participated in the challenge with his friends. His mother noticed bruises around his neck. She also noticed that his voice had changed. She then found out that Rashid had participated in the challenge, and his friends, who were playing with him, let go of the rope moments before he was about to lose consciousness. She said the children were just playing, and meant no harm.

The mother urged all parents to monitor the activities of their children.

Khaleej Times advises everyone, especially children, never to take part in such online challenges. Strangulation can lead to unconsciousness or death by limiting or completely cutting off oxygen supply to the brain.

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