Miracle surgery in UAE helps 3-year-old walk normally

Miracle surgery, UAE, helps, 3-year-old, walk, normally
Little Wed after her surgery at Al Jalila Hospital in Dubai.- Supplied photo

Ajman - The deformity was so severe that it affected little Wed not only physically but caused her immense mental trauma.

By Saman Haziq

Published: Sat 18 Jul 2020, 6:00 PM

Last updated: Sat 18 Jul 2020, 8:14 PM

An Ajman-based Yemeni girl, who was born with deformed legs (bow shaped), was recently able to walk normally for the first time after undergoing a surgery at Al Jalila Children's Specialty Hospital (AJCH) in Dubai.
The deformity was so severe that it affected little Wed not only physically but caused her immense mental trauma that led her to become extremely withdrawn.
"Every time I saw her, I wanted to cry. It was apparent that her inability to walk normally had affected her mental health more than her physical health. She was sad and withdrawn and refused to wear short clothes or play with other children. She would ask us why her legs were not normal like her other siblings and friends. She would want to go out but as soon as she do and see other children, she would come back immediately with tears in her eyes," Wed's father told Khaleej Times.
Wed's parents had consulted several doctors in the past and were given contradictory advice. While some said it can never be corrected or can lead to further issues, others gave her a brace which she was unable to use.
Dr Sattar Alshryda, consultant and clinical head of trauma and orthopedic surgery at AJCH, said he noticed that the child was showing signs of severe bilateral knee pain as a result of worsening genu varum (bilateral leg deformities or 'bow legs'). "Wed was diagnosed with bilateral lower limb deformities by 30 degrees so we performed a procedure called osteotomy where we reshaped the bones by inserting some metal to hold the bones till they heal. The corrective surgery on each leg took almost 90 minutes and I am happy to see that her bones have healed remarkably well."
In the post-operative period Wed has proven to be an extraordinary child who articulates how she feels and alerts doctors of any discomfort she experiences. Since Wed's family was struggling to proceed with the surgery due to financial constraints, the team at AJCH received support from Al Jalila Foundation's A'awen programme that supports patients in need. Wed was approved for complete funding of the surgery and follow-up care for an amount of Dh126,249.
"With the support of our partners and donors we are able to give hope to young patients like Wed and help alleviate the financial burden on their families. These are the precious moments that make our job so rewarding," said Dr Abdukareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation.

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