Man stabs cousin to death over Dh400

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Man stabs cousin to death over Dh400

Published: Tue 24 May 2016, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Wed 25 May 2016, 8:57 AM

A man who stabbed his cousin to death over Dh400 has been charged with pre-mediated murder at the Al Ain Public Prosecution.
According to the charge sheet, the victim was working in a farm of Al Ain suburbs, and borrowed Dh400 from his paternal cousin promising to return the money as per a term agreed between the two.
When the date of payment was due, the victim refused to pay the accused the money.
An outraged accused grabbed a knife and stabbed his cousin many times which led to his death.
The public prosecution said the accused dragged the dead body of the victim outside the farm and buried him in a shallow grave.
The incident unfolded when the police received a report from the sponsor of the victim that his employee was missing.
The Criminal Investigations Department launched a manhunt for the alleged murderer, and found a shallow grave with the body of the victim.
The alleged murderer was arrested, and on interrogation he confessed to the charge, and added that three other persons had abetted him in his crime.
However, the lawyers of the three accomplices had proved before the prosecution that their clients were not party to the crime.
The detective of the public prosecution who conducted the investigations has confirmed the lawyers' defense.
The case was referred to the criminal court, which called for the presence of the heirs of the victim.

By Staff Reporter

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