Man murders friend after gambling payment row

DUBAI - A bet on a cricket match in which the loser failed to pay up led to the murder a 31-year-old man in Dubai.

By A Correspondent

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Published: Mon 12 May 2003, 11:47 AM

Last updated: Mon 9 Jan 2023, 3:08 PM

The body with 13 stab wounds lay for days in a car left in a desolate area before it was found, senior police officers said yesterday.

The suspect in the case was arrested seven hours after the body had been found, said Major-General Sharafuddin Mohammed Hussain, Assistant Commander of Dubai Police for Criminal Investigation.

The victim has been identified as Vishal K. Advani, an Indian sales representative, and the accused as Mohammad Pervez, a Pakistani. The two were reported to have been friends.

Police investigators said the two men watched a cricket match and placed bets, although gambling is prohibited in the UAE.

According to acquaintances, Pervez was to receive Dh7,000, but the victim refused to pay up. The alleged killer, a jobless resident, reportedly asked the victim twice to make payment, but the latter offered different excuses.

On the fateful day, Pervez and Advani were in a car n Al Khawaneej area when Pervez stabbed the victim. Police forensic experts counted 13 stab wounds in the right side of the body, and the victim bled to death in the car.

Pervez drove the car to a desolate area and parked it there. He closed all the windows and placed a conver on the car to prevent passersby from seeing what was inside.

The victim's family became worried after Advani failed to return home and his wife sought help from Al Rifa police station in finding her husband.

Police registered the case as one of a missing man and local papers carried news items seeking help from the public in providing information about Advani.

Mrs Advani had told police that her husband had been missing for three days.

In the meantime, the woman told police that she had received a phone call from someone asking for a ransom of Dh100,000 and threatening her that in case of non-payment her husband would be in trouble.

With this development police investigations were redirected. But there was little progress till the car emanating foul smell was found on May 9.

It was taken to the morgue for examination.

Investigators said it took them just seven hours, from the time they found the car, to arrest the suspect. In about three hours of interrogation, Pervez confessed to having killed his friend.

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