Man loses phone at UAE mall; here's how the thief was caught

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Fujairah - A technician at a mobile shop alerted the police.

An Asian cleaner at a shopping mall has stood trial at the Fujairah Misdemeanour Court for allegedly stealing a mobile phone that a customer had left behind.

The customer, a Gulf national, realised that his 'unique' phone was missing when he reached home a few hours after leaving the mall, court records showed.

When he returned to the shopping centre, security staff and lost-and-found personnel said they hadn't found any gadget.

The customer then lodged a complaint with Fujairah Police, which launched an investigation to track down the phone.

During the probe, a technician at a mobile shop alerted the police about a man who might have found the lost phone. Authorities rushed to the site and nabbed the man who turned out to be a cleaner at the mall that the complainant had visited.

The defendant admitted that he found the phone while cleaning the food court, and kept it for himself instead of surrendering it to the mall's security.

Apparently, the phone was locked and the cleaner couldn't use it, so he had to seek help from a technician at a nearby mobile shop.

The trial was adjourned until the end of the month.

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