Man fined Dh20,000 for mocking ex-wife on social media

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Abu Dhabi - The defendant made fun of his ex-wife by stating that she resembled a monkey.

The Abu Dhabi Cassation Court has upheld a Dh20,000 fine ordered by the lower court against a man convicted of mocking his ex-wife in a poem he posted on social media three months ago.

As per court records, the defendant made fun of his ex-wife by stating that she resembled a monkey whom he asked to "go away".
"Finally, I am relieved; let this monkey go to hell," the woman told the court, while commenting on the satirical poem her ex-husband posted on social media to "disgrace and defame" her.
"He kept sending me these abusive messages on my WhatsApp," she added, noting that her ex-husband also sent her some images and videos of her on the beach since their divorce.
The defendant denied sending his ex-wife any such abusive messages. The public prosecution referred the case to the court which found him guilty based on the evidence submitted, including the WhatsApp messages.
The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court ordered the man to pay a fine of Dh20,000, and the confiscation of his device, in addition to court and lawyer charges.
Dissatisfied with the verdict, he took the case to the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation which upheld the ruling to pay the fine, along with the court and lawyer charges.

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